Absolute Beginners Book Club // Now Reading: Tamamo no Koi!

It’s me being stupid and forgetting the names of things


Just a reminder, everyone, the poll closes in about 12 hours! Get your votes in soon!


With five hours to go, I’m checking for the likely winner in case I’ll be making a pre-populated vocabulary sheet.

It’s a bit time-consuming to go through all the steps to create, so I’m looking to see if there’s a clear winner.


Well, if I do make the spreadsheet, there’s plenty of time to do so another day.

Back to reading.




somebody removed a vote I think. It would be awful, if someone, who voted for both would keep them balanced at all costs, huh :eyes:


Unless somebody really removed and readded the vote in the meantime: Sometimes the vote is in an older state for some reason, even if you just opened the page, and you have to hit refresh in your browser. For me it still looks like in @ChristopherFritz’ image at least.


Maybe yours is in an older state, because mine’s not just showing Shikimori ahead, but it’s got one more vote than @Gorbit99’s screenshot. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine shows it as tied also. :thinking:

Schrödinger’s Poll.


I mean, it’s definitely an older state, since it’s from one hour ago :stuck_out_tongue:

(Gorbit99’s screenshot is missing HaseebYousfani’s vote, but it was still there when I checked an hour ago, like in ChristopherFritz’ screenshot. I can also see Shikimori two ahead now, but HaseebYousfani’s vote is still there.)


The longer this goes into overtime, the more I’ll suspect MrGeneric’s looking for a different winner :wink:



I shall plead the fifth.

An hour later with no change to vote despite the overtime :unamused:, the winner is:

可愛いだけじゃない式守さん ・ Miss Shikimori is not just cute!

I really did mean it when I said that I need to reduce my commitments, though, so that I have a healthier life balance! So if somebody would be willing to run the club in my stead, I would really appreciate that! I can provide support as needed! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ah what the heck, I’ll handle it, if you’re okay with that. With an actually active book club, it would be easier to keep track of the Kurzgesagt one also.


Perfect, I appreciate it!


Congrats to shikamori-san and now I need to look through my books to see what has furigana for the next voting round


At the very least you probably have a lot of time.


For anyone looking to get a jump start on vocabulary for the next pick, I have a vocabulary frequency list for the volume.

If you learn the top 105 highest-frequency words from the list, you’ll have 50% coverage. You’re still looking up every other word, but it may take a bit of pressure off in the first few weeks of the club.

@Gorbit99: Are you looking to work out a vocab sheet? If not, I can put one together.


Would be glad if you could. Though it would also be great, if you weren’t the only one who could do that, I’d think that’s not an obvious amount of effort to do for each book club.


seemed like the appropriate gif

This winner is good for me too since I already have the first couple volumes


It’s easy enough to do a blank spreadsheet, so if I get run over by a van full of clowns, the future of ABBC is not bleak!

For a populated one, the steps are:

  1. Use my Mokuro sentences extract script to get only the dialogue/narration sentences an in order.

  2. Run through a program to split the text into words. Previously I used Juman++ and may have released a script for this (don’t remember). But this time I’ll be using Ichiran, which I haven’t released any code for at this time.

  3. For hooking into Wiktionary translations, the easiest route (and the one I use) is to take an existing ABBC vocabulary spreadsheet that uses them and save a copy to work off of. However, going forward I’ll use the English translations from Ichiran, so there won’t be the need for hooking into Wiktionary entries.

Once I get step two worked out, maybe I’ll add the workflow to the Mokuro thread, although it’d be difficult to find anyone with the setup to do it (as it requires the digital de-DRM’d manga, Mokuro, Ichiran, and Python).

Once all the technology is in place, the biggest efforts are:

  1. Go over every manga page and select the word balloons in order. (Manga length is the biggest impact on time required.)

  2. Splitting out the vocabulary sheet across tabs. (For empty vocabulary sheets, I have a script to do this. For pre-populated ones, there’s a lot of room for improvement in my process.)


Quickly threw together a home post:

There’s a non zero chance that I messed something up, though I did try to put a lot of effort into not doing that, but if it did happen, do tell me about it.

I’m particularly proud of that emoji selection, actually made myself laugh with it.

Okay, so you are saying that we shouldn’t make the next manga have 500 pages. I’ll try.