Absolute Beginners Book Club // Now Reading: Tamamo no Koi!

If we’re already talking about the book after Chii’s then I’m nominating one that I’m planning to read anyways.

おじさまと猫 (Old man and cat)


おじさまと猫 is about this ugly-cute cat who can’t get adopted until one day when an older gentleman comes to the pet store and adopts him. The comic is about the cat trying to make his human happy and the old man is learning how to be a good cat dad.


Amazon.co.jp (ships internationally!!!)
Originally published on Pixiv (you can read the first 8-ish chapters for free here but I don’t know how to read past that)
e-book available via kobo.com here thanks @ChristopherFritz

Personal Opinion

Volume 1 contains 15 chapters and ~7 omake chapters. Like しろくまカフェ the chapters are usually about 4 pages long, but there aren’t a calvalcade of puns. Like Chii’s Sweet Home, the subject matter is mostly about cat-human relations and the language used is generally pretty standard but it isn’t always quite as happy as Chii. I ordered this along with しろくまカフェ because I was able to read three chapters without a dictionary handy and it was such a rush. It’s real cute!

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Cute cat
  • Simple language
  • First 8 chapters are free (see above) so it’s easy to assess if this would be for you


  • Why are all the easy manga about animals? Especially cats?
  • Some people might not think the cat is cute and we would have to spend time explaining why they are wrong


Chapter One

Chapter One can be read for free right here and it’s only 4 pages long so please just go look at it real quick (you may have to click the link and then scroll down till you see 1話)

Chapter Two

Here’s chapter two, because why not?

P.S. As a reminder, the first 8 chapters can be read for free at pixiv. Check it out!!

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