Absolute Beginners Book Club // Now Reading: Tamamo no Koi!

As I see it, if you want to help someone jump over a barrier, you can either make that barrier smaller, therefore also reducing the sense of accomplishment, or you can grab their hands and help them jump. What is currently done is the former.

I quite liked the stories of the japanese prefectures prereading approach (obligatory link) where they literally went through the whole chapter line by line, breaking each of them down. I don’t think this is feasible for an entire book, but it’s rare that you see someone ask for a breakdown, and I think that’s because it doesn’t have a culture already.

What I started doing is for abbc book club, because I have the capacity, I translate each week’s reading into a message. I do regularly get mentions about that helping a ton, when either constructing their own translation, or just reading in general.