Absolute Beginners Book Club // Now Reading: Tamamo no Koi!

We all start somewhere! Welcome!

You’ll see the current book title in the first post. There’s a link there to the main thread for that specific book (currently Stories of the Japanese Prefectures). In that thread, there will be a start date and a schedule for which pages are read each week, along with links to the discussion threads for each week. In the discussion threads, people will post their questions from the reading for that week, discuss the plot and their opinions on the book so far, post their tentative translations of sections they had trouble with for feedback etc. There will also be a reader populated vocabulary list there so that we can help each other with new words that come up.

This thread is mainly where we nominate books and vote on which book will be next. That vote is done a while (weeks? I think maybe a month? Don’t quite remember) before the current book club ends, so that people who want paper copies of the book have time to order and receive them. In the first post, you’ll see a list of currently nominated books. You can also add posts to nominate new books. When it’s time to vote, the thread name gets changed to ‘now voting’ and people look through the nominations to vote for a book they’re interested in reading.

As far as where to get started, you have some choices:

  • my understanding (I’m not reading along with this one) is that the prefecture stories are a collection of short stories - so if you wanted to buy a copy, you could jump in to the current week when it arrived - that club goes until august, which should be plenty of time for a copy to arrive and you to read some of it with the book club
  • you could wait for the next vote and book to start
  • you could choose any of the past books/manga listed in the first post and read them yourself, using the discussion threads to help you answer questions. Often people are still watching those threads, so if you post questions in them, you may still get responses to help out.

When I started reading, I started with a past book pick (can’t recall what off the top of my head), and then jumped into the next book (and then jumped out pretty fast - Shirokuma cafe wasn’t really my style and I wasn’t enjoying it - but have gone on to read more, both with and without the book clubs).

Hope that’s a bit helpful - welcome to reading! It’s hard work, but lots of fun!