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I know this is a bit iffy after 7 people have already voted, but considering that we talked a few months ago about how the old polls without the “senior member” option are actually hurting the motivation of new potential readers - I think it would be a good idea to add it now, even if that resets the poll. (That does reset the poll, right?)

(The option we wanted to add was “I am an experienced reader, so this is not much effort for me.”)

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I’ve got it added into the template now because I forgor to do so before. :sweat_smile:

But yeah, I think it would be a good idea to change it out for the new version, despite it resetting the poll. Also being sure to add whether readers want to do natural or simplified, @eieio :grin:

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Just saying that explaining every unnatural sounding easy sentence is probably going to be an issue.

But I’m not gonna be here, so it’s for you guys to think about.


I agree, I also think it’s a bit odd to join a book club only to read something that isn’t native Japanese, though I’m not sure how good the natural version is. Well that’s what a graded reader is for.


@MrGeneric @TobiasW @Kazzeon
Added a new poll at end of main post

  • Simple[the example pics][Furigana, less kanji, grammar, vocab in vol 1 but builds up each of those for each volume]
  • Natural [No Furigana, natural use of kanji, grammar, vocab in each volume]

Even the example chapter of the natural variant looks way easier to me than the current Ruri Dragon, so I voted for that. Kanji are easy to look up when one doesn’t know them.


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