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…point taken. :rofl:

Yeah, definitely fair. Fwiw, that keeps me from nominating it as well (I also haven’t read any of it to confirm that the content itself is fine, though I’m sure there’s nothing beyond the questionable outfit designs).


From what I’ve seen so far, the content is fine. Aside from the aforementioned outfit designs, there isn’t really anything much worse than comes up in the author’s other series.

Disclaimer: Wait until we get to the next volume of Ayumu before making anything of that. The next volume thread will include a content disclaimer.


Well, that seems surprising for that series. Now I’m curious… :rofl:

Maybe the internet is wrong, but it seems as though the series has finished its run? Or is that simply referring to the run in magazines, and they are still publishing the volume collections?

(Also, I translated the title for the second pick, but not the first, because I’m torn on whether that ふだつき is just the family name, or a pun on the word that means “notorious; infamous” :laughing:)


It’s a web comic, so individual chapters appear online before publication in a volume.

For example, there’s a new release that came out this month.

At least, I’m assuming they’re chapters. I haven’t signed up and paid to check. I’m fine waiting to pay 600円 per volume every other year, versus 300円 to 500円 per month to see the posts.

Of course, for all I know, the series ended after two volumes, and the mangaka’s Pixiv fan page is for viewing monthly artworks =P

Additionally, 札 refers to Kyouko’s ribbon (as it’s a talisman). Now if only the つき part were written as 付 rather than 月…

If it helps sate your curiosity any, you’ll find out in a month :wink:


So I’m looking for suggestions for the schedule

Hunter x Hunter is 8 chapters long, all of the chapters around 20-25 pages long, so whole book is 187, 140 pages of actual dialogue. Issue with the 8 chapters is that because they all have around 18 pages of dialogue (and this number never goes below 16), they are just not short enough to do in 1 week (imo, tell me if you think otherwise), but splitting each into 2 weeks results in 16 weeks, which is a bit long.

What a 16 week schedule would look like
Week Start Date Pages No. of pages Dialogue Pages Chapter
Week 1 Aug 27 5-25 21 10 Chapter 1
Week 2 Sep 3 26-38 13 11 Chapter 1
Week 3 Sep 10 39-48 10 8 Chapter 2
Week 4 Sep 17 49-62 14 9 Chapter 2
Week 5 Sep 24 62-72 11 9 Chapter 3
Week 6 Oct 1 72-82 11 9 Chapter 3
Week 7 Oct 8 83-94 12 8 Chapter 4
Week 8 Oct 15 95-104 10 8 Chapter 4
Week 9 Oct 22 105-112 8 7 Chapter 5
Week 10 Oct 22 113-124 12 9 Chapter 5
Week 11 Oct 29 125-135 11 9 Chapter 6
Week 12 Nov 5 136-144 9 8 Chapter 6
Week 13 Nov 12 145-154 10 9 Chapter 7
Week 14 Nov 19 155-164 10 9 Chapter 7
Week 15 Nov 26 165-175 11 8 Chapter 8
Week 16 Dec 3 176-183 8 8 Chapter 8

Any ideas? I didn’t think to have weeks where we read the end of one chapter and the start of the next, though maybe that’s an option? Ideally I would have either 10 or 11 dialogue pages per week, that would make the club take either 14 or 13 weeks


I had a look at the Bookwalker preview - it looks like many of the pages of dialogue only have a small amount, with about 7-8 with a larger amount. But I’m not sure I viewed a whole chapter in the preview.

It may be worth starting off with 2 weeks for the first chapter or two, and then increasing the speed to one chapter per week.


I second @Cathm2’s suggestion.

Easing in with the first two chapters each taking two weeks, then upping the pace to a chapter a week (depending on how everyone in the club is doing), would be my suggestion as well.

While there are some heavier dialogue pages based on the preview, they aren’t too bad, so I think once folks get used to the writing style, it should hopefully go fairly smoothly.


I think nomination post for Hunter x Hunter has a typo regarding where to get the book. Both Amazon links are 1) the same 2) point to English edition.

I think these are the correct ones:
E-Book: Amazon
Physical: Amazon


Good catch! I hadn’t clicked the Amazon links for that one (this is one I am skipping over. Though I will join for Cells At Work), just the Bookwalker for the preview!

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ah, didn’t notice, it points to the same link because I didn’t know, that amazon had different links for those different editions


Thanks much for the answer!


I have the thread up Hunter × Hunter 🐸 (Absolute Beginner Book Club) - Starting on the 27th of August

If you feel like I made a mistake somewhere or that I should change the schedule further, tell me and I’ll fix it


Well, I don’t know if you would consider it a mistake, but it says ネトバレ instead of ネタバレ because the person who wrote the original made a typo and now everyone is copying that.


It’s easy enough to fix


I also went to the template and corrected the typo to hopefully prevent that going forward (assuming folks are copying the template from @jhol’s very helpful guide). Does remind me that I’ve been meaning to contribute to putting in the other templates. Hopefully I’ll remember to do so later today when I have a bit more time. :laughing:


Responded over in the guide thread.


Well, Bookwalker at least lists 完結 as a tag, so it’s probably done.


Coincidentally, I just finished reading the second-to-last chapter of the second volume, and the last chapter is named along the lines of “final” rather than with a chapter number.


so I would like to hop on this beginners book club. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is the next book to be read HunterxHunter? if so, does anyone know where I can get a japanese copy within the US. I clicked on the amazon link but it takes me to amazon japan. I really havent had the time to look for it, but if anyone knows, that would be awesome


Welcome to the club! :grin:

You are correct, the next book is Hunter x Hunter. As far as obtaining a Japanese copy within the US, the link intentionally takes you to Amazon JP as Amazon outside of Japan doesn’t have distribution rights for the Japanese versions of most books.

You have to create a separate Amazon account, but you can order from Amazon JP and have it delivered to the US. Are you wanting a physical copy or a digital copy? Digital will be cheaper, but if you prefer the feel of a physical book, that’s absolutely fair. I would recommend that if you are going to order physical, you should order other books you intend to read as well, because the shipping cost is a little silly for one book, but if you ship multiple, the shipping cost generally remains the same, so you can save on shipping costs that way.

Otherwise, CDJapan is also an option for importing copies of the book, but the same caveats apply as to Amazon, re: shipping costs.

If you live in a larger city, you can check around your area for Japanese bookstores as well and see what options they have available. (Kinokuniya is a name I hear floated around fairly often as far as retailers).

If you decide to go the digital route and want to read on a Kindle device, there is a step-by-step method for doing so from Amazon if you click here.

Otherwise, Bookwalker is also a popular option for purchasing digitally, and they have their own reading app, I believe.