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I’ll make a poll if anybody has any other ideas, but to me that sounds like a good pace and I don’t see much potential for other paces without going much faster or having weeks that start in one chapter and end in the next one. 23, 25 and 29 pages definitely need to be split, and 18 and 19 seem too short to split them. Having a few more pages at the end when everybody is all settled in should be fine. 54 could be split into 3x 18, but especially in the beginning we should go slow anyway, so probably not a good idea.

It would give us a pretty even pages/week rhythm too: 13, 13, 14, 14, 12, 13, 11, 12, 14, 15, 19, 18.

Maybe a bit slow?


I recommend flipping through the book at least once and checking if there are any pages lacking any text. It’s sure to happen and you want to avoid the “well, this week we have text… like 2 or 3 sentences or so” situation


Good point!


This is something I go a bit overboard with, but I feel it really helps when having to split chapters.

The other consideration is whether it feels like a natural place to break. Sometimes there’s no way around an awkward split, but a brief check for pages with no or little dialogue can help shift the split point to a good spot.

(But I don’t recommend others go as overboard with it as I do.)


Do you also obsess over a character saying stuff like わぁぁぁ, and have to think hours about if you want to count that as text and make the split more awkward or is that just me?


Okay, so I’m only semi-obsessive, nearly-overboard in comparison.

Edit: But for anyone else preparing to run a book club, don’t stress over it =D


So, I did some flippin’, and here are the amount of pages with more than one sentence of text:

  • Chapter 1: 48
  • Chapter 2: 20
  • Chapter 3: 21
  • Chapter 4: 17
  • Chapter 5: 17
  • Chapter 6: 17

Didn’t check yet how the text density distribution is, but based on that I could see 8-10 weeks.

Maybe someone more familiar with pacing could do a quick flip-through to see how how the density is along that “5–20 pages per week is common for ABBC, depending on the density of dialogue per page” range?

(Did you accidentially add 10 pages to your chapter 4 calculation, @Gorbit99?)


Quite likely, I’m a programmer, not someone that can do basic math


As a fellow programmer: わかる~

Looking at previous book clubs near the Ruri (L20) level range:

The text density seems pretty similar to Ayumu, maybe sometimes a little bit denser.

Based on that I could see something like:

  • Chapter 1: 8 + 12 + 14 + 14 (or something like that…)
  • Chapter 2: 10 + 10
  • Chapter 3: 10 + 11
  • Chapter 4: 17
  • Chapter 5: 17
  • Chapter 6: 17

(Counting only pages with more than one short sentence.)

If chapter 4 turns out too fast, we could adjust the pace down on the fly.

I am feeling like that might be slow for chapter 2 and 3, but I’d rather be too slow than too fast to be honest.


This one was going to ramp up the pages sooner, but we had a lot of new readers who wanted to keep the slower pace a little longer.


Hi everyone, I don’t know if this is the right thread but I want to start reading beginner books in Japanese and don’t know where to start, mainly in that unless I import books via Amazon, I have very few texts in Japanese.
I have been “reading” online news articles but they make my brain go zzzz lol. Where do you get your resources for these book clubs? I am happy to read online if physical books aren’t possible :slight_smile:


This is probably the thread you’re looking for, this explains most everything you need to know


Did you count your pages starting at zero? :stuck_out_tongue:


In addition to Gorbit’s link: If you’d like one of your first beginner books to be Ruri Dragon, we’re starting a book club here on the 18th February!

And I’m not completely sure what you mean by “resources”. Where we find new stuff to read? Where we buy books? Things that help us read them? Although I guess Gorbit’s link answers all these questions. :slight_smile:

Personally, I usually find new books on Natively and their forums, and sometimes randomly in other places. And then I buy the Kindle version on amazon.co.jp and read it with the Kindle app.


The thread that @Gorbit99 shared will have all the info you need, but if you’d like a personal recommendation, I’m in the UK too, and I usually use CDJapan for physical books.
For digital books I like Bookwalker, because as well as being reasonably priced they always have lots of free books!

Outside of buying books, I use Natively to check the difficulty of books, and track my reading progress :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this! I’m not new to Wanikani but I don’t really use the forums so wasn’t sure where to begin, I’ll look at the thread now :blush::pray:


Thank you so much, I’m quite nervous about group activities so I think I might lurk for the next one and maybe join the one after that :blush::pray:


This is all super helpful, thank you, I will have a look for the books this afternoon :blush::pray:


Only realized now, but you could easily download the manga using the pc kindle app, remove the drm from it, and upload it to the device manually. The kindle doesn’t have as closed of an eco system amazon wants it to have.

Though manga is always icky with e-readers. You either give up a significant portion of your device to house it, or you get poor quality, and you don’t even get the advantages regular books would get with copiable and translateable text. As a comparison, amazon says Ruri Dragon is 40MB.


Thanks for the Natively link. That’s pretty neat to know about the difficulty of books. Now I have to speed up with levels, so I can finally read ゆるキャン :grinning: