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Thanks much for the answer!


I have the thread up Hunter × Hunter 🐸 (Absolute Beginner Book Club) - Starting on the 27th of August

If you feel like I made a mistake somewhere or that I should change the schedule further, tell me and I’ll fix it


Well, I don’t know if you would consider it a mistake, but it says ネトバレ instead of ネタバレ because the person who wrote the original made a typo and now everyone is copying that.


It’s easy enough to fix


I also went to the template and corrected the typo to hopefully prevent that going forward (assuming folks are copying the template from @jhol’s very helpful guide). Does remind me that I’ve been meaning to contribute to putting in the other templates. Hopefully I’ll remember to do so later today when I have a bit more time. :laughing:


Responded over in the guide thread.


Well, Bookwalker at least lists 完結 as a tag, so it’s probably done.


Coincidentally, I just finished reading the second-to-last chapter of the second volume, and the last chapter is named along the lines of “final” rather than with a chapter number.


so I would like to hop on this beginners book club. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is the next book to be read HunterxHunter? if so, does anyone know where I can get a japanese copy within the US. I clicked on the amazon link but it takes me to amazon japan. I really havent had the time to look for it, but if anyone knows, that would be awesome


Welcome to the club! :grin:

You are correct, the next book is Hunter x Hunter. As far as obtaining a Japanese copy within the US, the link intentionally takes you to Amazon JP as Amazon outside of Japan doesn’t have distribution rights for the Japanese versions of most books.

You have to create a separate Amazon account, but you can order from Amazon JP and have it delivered to the US. Are you wanting a physical copy or a digital copy? Digital will be cheaper, but if you prefer the feel of a physical book, that’s absolutely fair. I would recommend that if you are going to order physical, you should order other books you intend to read as well, because the shipping cost is a little silly for one book, but if you ship multiple, the shipping cost generally remains the same, so you can save on shipping costs that way.

Otherwise, CDJapan is also an option for importing copies of the book, but the same caveats apply as to Amazon, re: shipping costs.

If you live in a larger city, you can check around your area for Japanese bookstores as well and see what options they have available. (Kinokuniya is a name I hear floated around fairly often as far as retailers).

If you decide to go the digital route and want to read on a Kindle device, there is a step-by-step method for doing so from Amazon if you click here.

Otherwise, Bookwalker is also a popular option for purchasing digitally, and they have their own reading app, I believe.


I was able to get a Japanese copy from US Amazon here: Hunter X Hunter, Vol. 1 https://a.co/d/3ZX1YgC


yeah I would want prefer to have a physical copy, I feel im better when it comes to pohysical copy vs a digital one. Thank you for all the great info! I hope me immersing myself in this elevates my comprehension and reading.


ohhh awesome, thank you!


For an alternate option, you could order it from Kinokuniya USA. And if you happen to live in the same city as one, you can even go buy it in person.


As the date of the next book is inching closer (2 weeks is a scary short amount of time), I was starting to think about the ways of making HxH easier to read.
I’ll quickly collect all of the ideas I’ve mentioned earlier and had since, and I would love to hear some ideas or reservations about them.

  • Grammar sheet - this could take several formats, from the simple “vocab sheet, but with grammar points”, to the opposite end of the spectrum of individual sentences with the grammar points appearing in that sentence listed out. I think this has one of the best effort to helpfullness ratio out of the ideas, so would love to have one, just not sure what form it should ideally take.
  • Sentence explanations - this would be more of a community thing. It already somewhat exists, it just isn’t stated explicitly. This would be when people post a sentence and ask for a breakdown from someone, if they are stuck. This is of course helpful, because even with a translation tool, like deepl, you might not understand, how the sentence is put together. This ties heavily into the grammar sheet, and it would of course be nice to have the breakdowns be collected into one place for easier viewing.
  • “official translation” - this idea is about making the translations easier to look through, and more importantly, more accurate. It would be similar to how the vocab sheet works, if you know, how to translate a sentence, go over to the translation sheet and put it in. If someone thinks it’s incorrect, they can mention it and it can be discussed. It could even have separate literal and natural translations

These are my ideas for now, but I’m open for more. I’m willing to testdrive some ideas to see how viable/helpful they are, I have the capacity to put in a few minutes more per week.


saw this the other day, told myself I would come back and read it when I had more time, promptly forgot

My thoughts:

  • Grammar Sheet - I like this idea, for sure. I think “vocab sheet but for grammar points” format would be the best. I’m a fan of, “give everyone the tools to find the answer, but don’t hand it to them unless you absolutely have to, to work backwards from” methodology, personally. It’s what has tended to work best for my brain. But of course, everyone learns differently, so maybe somebody will disagree with me. (And I’ve been known to give an answer and work backwards from it while explaining many times, myself; I just feel that if we have an established sheet of some sort, it would be better to just list points rather than listing by sentence).
  • Sentence explanations - I see no harm in collecting explanations that are already posted in one place to make it easier to locate, for sure. I believe @ChristopherFritz attempted something similar with Mitsuboshi Colors. It could become a bit cumbersome to try and collect them all in one place, but if somebody has the time, it’s certainly convenient for readers.
  • Official Translation - This is one that I would shy away from, personally, with the “give the tools to find the answer, but not the answer itself unless you have to” methodology. (Again, others might disagree, I’m just giving my thoughts). I’d also think that after a certain point, you might be entering a grey area regarding providing a translation for a work. Discussing bits and pieces here and there is one thing, but compiling a full translation might be a little iffy.

That, and there’s an actual official translation which you can buy from your local bookshop or online retailer.


Or some people like myself, accidentally purchased because they weren’t paying attention!


I believe a Grammar Sheet would be very useful for beginners like me who have not even finished Genki 1. When I am trying to read something written for Japanese native speakers I often cannot easily identify the grammatical structures used and this limits my comprehension. I just thought that the grammar sheet could be a spreadsheet with links to an website with the explanation. I like https://jlptsensei.com because it has concise explanations and several examples. So, if in certain page, we come across りんごを食べたい。the spreadsheet entry could be たい or 食べたい and the explanation linked to https://jlptsensei.com/learn-japanese-grammar/たい-tai-meaning/.


Speaking of (lol)
Threw together a v1 for it, the link is editable and all, so please do fix errors, if you find any.
Any thoughts about it?