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10分で読める伝記 2年生 (よみとく10分)


10-Pun de yomeru denki “Biographies” – To read in ten minutes- is a series of reading books for elementary school children in Japan. It is also suitable for students of Japanese who wish to read authentic texts in Japanese.

This book includes twelve short biographies for children such as the life of Osamu Tezuka, Edison or Beethoven, among others.

Since this collection is for children, it only uses high-quality design and content.

The texts are written in a simple yet invigorating way and each story has its own illustration.




Personal Opinion

This series is written for Japanese kids so the topics are simple and written in formal Japanese so sentences are clear and easy to read. You’ll learn some cool facts since they are educational books as well. This one is the biography book so it’s people from all over the world. Each chapter is usually only a few pages so with previous books it was easy for people to jump in and out of the schedule.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Formal Japanese
  • Short interesting stories
  • Furigana


  • As it’s more book than manga, lots of sentences
  • Lots of new vocabulary because it isn’t everyday topics
  • Sometime we wished for more kanji!


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