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Copying this review from LearnNatively:
Nice little horror-y folktale, only a few pages long. It reminds me of a few other Japanese folktales I’ve read involving mysterious magical women.

Being an Aozora book, some of the usual difficulty caveats apply (e.g. some older kanji usage). Being a folktale set in the countryside, it also has some rustic vocabulary that may be unfamiliar if, like me, you mostly read more contemporary works. However, the grammar is not very complicated, and the longer sentences are broken up with punctuation.


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Aozora (Free - Public Domain)
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Personal Opinion

I want to read this book because I have never yet read a book in Japanese, only manga.
I went on Natively to try and find a short story and found this one as the most popular one that wasn’t yet read on WK (unless I missed it), level 25.
Reading a whole book and pages of text sounds very scary. But this book is only fifteen pages, so I think we can do it :smiley: And there is even an audio video of someone reading it!

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • A book and not a manga
  • Free
  • Audio video


  • A book and not a manga


First Three Pages of Chapter One

There you go, the whole book:

Additional Pages

See above, the whole book is in the nomination post :laughing:

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