Absolute Beginners Book Club // Now Reading: Granny Girl Hinata chan!

I need to take a step back from organising the Absolute Beginner Book Club thread. Could someone offer to take over please?

This involves:

  • Organising the polls for the next book - to be completed 6 weeks before the next book is due to start
  • Ensuring a volunteer is allocated to run each book (you don’t have to run them all yourself though)
  • Asking for nominations for new books in the week or two leading up to the poll
  • Making sure nominations are made using the standard format including a poll for people to rate difficulty
  • Ensuring the opening post of this thread is kept up to date. Also update the Master List of Book Clubs on what we are planning to read.
  • Updating the title of this thread (or asking a regular who has permission to do this), in particular to highlight when we are seeking nominations or undertaking a poll.
  • Addressing any issues that come up (e.g. is a nominated book too difficult for ABBC) either by leading discussion with book club members, creating a poll, or occasionally just making an executive decision!

The next book is due to start on Aug 27, so we need a call for nominations around the end of June, and a poll to be completed by July 15.