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I would love to join this! Question: are there good guides for purchasing books from amazon.co.jp if you live in the US? Or is it not possible to do so?

I will probably join anyway, but I highly prefer Physical so voted for it =)

I bought them on Amazon, so I know they are there at least :wink:
I’ll have a look

Oki, back: Link

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Check the first post :wink:

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I’ll maybe join if the book/manga is interesting and only if there’s an ebook:3 Buying physical for me is probalby impossible - the post will (maybe) deliver it in month(s) and there’re no book shops which sell japanese books:c

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$53!!! :zipper_mouth_face:

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There are some I would join on digital though; The Graded readers from White Rabbit. There are only 9 stories so far, and we might only be ready for the low ones anyway. I LOVE those stories! <3

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We try to decide on books months in advance so people can get it in time =)

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Oh, that’s nice! But still, digital is better :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yeah, the graded readers in the app are quite nice. I really hope, they will publish more of them there. I often try to read a little there during breaks

They promised new entries Q4 of 2018 :rofl:
Guess they might come any time now though =)

And we, the WK people, basically forced them to give us the option to hide furigana :rofl:
And they did! On our request (after saying no first, but then listened to reason =P )

I LOVE the lvl 0 one, I keep reading it over and over even though i know the words :wink:

The bat one is my second fav, it it lvl 1, which should be perfect for this group =)

I think what we have done so far is closer to the lvl 3 books, the hardest ones they offer. So if we want proper easy, these are well worth it!


Ok… let’s see what we have:

Any other ideas? Am I missing something?

White Rabbit Graded Readers (digital version). There is a physical one too, but expensive (and not the same stories)

Ah thanks!
I’ll check out that thread and lurk there a bit :slight_smile:

There’s another children book series along the lines of なぜ?どうして? and 10分で読める. The series is called 知ってびっくり.
Some time ago I bought this book from the series which contains stories about kanji and looks quite interesting, but I haven’t try reading it yet. There are other books covering different topics, such as stories about words, proverbs, languages, Japan history, world mysteries, etc.

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The one about Mysteries of the world looks interesting! What level are these?


The grade is not explicitly written anywhere. Here is the screenshot of the beginning of the book about kanji though.


and dont forget this series Stories You Can Read Smoothly - Ikki Ni Yomeru 1st Grade – OMG Japan

they are nicely illustrated by Yoshiyuki Momose whos an animator at studio ghibli
But in the review it says, it’s not so easy for beginners.

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Thank you so much for opening the discussion thread, @emucat!

I would have suggested to just go with another naze doushite book (or similar series) but the fairy tales seem interesting as well. I love fairy tales! But yeah, maybe it’s too expensive for the whole set? Maybe there are single ones available or other sets at a cheaper price point…?
When I had the amazon kindle app on my phone a while ago, I think they offered a set of Japanese fairy tales for free…? But it was not in Japanese but my mother tongue and even if they have it in Japanese, I don’t know about the level. I will try to look for it, though.

Thanks for the link!

I am now busily searching for a single volume collection of Japanese folk/fairytales for children for 2000 yen or less…

These look promising: