Absolute Beginners Book Club // Now reading: Cells at Work!

This will be my first book reading club. Although absolute beginner is probably too advanced for me :frowning:

I ordered all 4 books from CDJapan, costing £31 inc shipping with DHL.


My copy arrived yesterday! Pretty impressed, less than a week from Japan to the UK.

I had a quick look through and, yeah… I need to study the vocab list!

Next up: Really Absolute Beginner Book Club.


Reading Hiragana club?:DD


Yay! So all my copies of the old version of しろくま came today :smiley:

Which means I have this going spare!

If anyone needs it, and is unable to get it shipped to them in time, or genuinely wants to join but can’t afford it due to dire straits, leme know and I might consider sending it to you :slight_smile:


It already exists :wink:
Graded Readers Club

Well, not really a book club in the same sense, since we don’t read the same book at the same time…

Closer to the 多読 club since we read separate books. But I do encourage people to talk about the material and ask questions =)

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I did it. I just bought Shirokuma Cafe and the first two volumes of Chi’s Sweet Home from Amazon. Yay for Christmas gift cards! I’m not sure if しろくまカフェ will make it in time, but it can be practice for later if I don’t get to join.

I am super-new to Japanese, and my grammar is currently the suck. I’m hoping that slowly working through Tae Kim’s guide will help and that reading (or attempting to) will keep me motivated. I’m also considering BunPro, but I’m trying not to go crazy at the start and burn myself out. Slow and steady, right? Anyway, looking forward to talking and reading with all of you soon!



Also, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. :slight_smile: We were all beginners at some point.
Honestly, seeing stuff on the wild has helped me understand grammar better.


aaAAAAA so I thought that to study the vocab list I could import it easily into anki, but no anki is being annoying and keeps saying the first notes field needs to be mapped or something, so then I tried making my own cards manually but they look really strange and don’t have the kana…
does anyone have any ideas? is there an easy way to use anki or should I use something else

edit: oops is this the wrong thread… now Im even more confused oh no

There’s a way to import spreadsheets into anki, but you have to edit the card template and make sure you have enough fields. Probably it was looking for where it could put the “notes” column on your card template. https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-make-my-Excel-list-turn-into-a-Anki-deck

If you want to make them manually, you should install the Japanese support plug-in so you can get the kana as furigana.

Last option is I think someone is making a kitsun.io deck for the vocab, and you can wait for that to come out.

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I still don’t entirely understand the error, but okay. I think at least for now I’m just going to make a deck myself using kitsun.io

Thanks for the help/suggestions!


You know, I’m extremely surprised nobody has nominated the sequel to that cat detective book :thinking: it seemed really popular.

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Pretty sure it’s been mentioned at least a few times, just not officially nominated.


Ah, okay. I would nominate it but I don’t have time to participate in another book club :sweat_smile:

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Will it be posted in this thread when Chi’s Sweet Home starts (or has it already started?)?

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Is there a place you could get these free online, or do you have to buy them?

Hi @Samraku, this is the home thread for the book club so it will be updated with the plans for reading the next book. Shirokuma cafe started reading on March 13th. It’s currently going at 2 chapters per week and there are 28 chapters, although the reading may speed up as the group progresses. So the next book will probably start late May/early June.

The chapters in Shirokuma are fairly independent of each other, so if you wanted to jump in with that book now you could do. Chapters 7 and 8 start today.


Okay, I’ll do that. I already own both books, so that works out well. :smiley:

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By the way, lately I have started reading the Graders Readers (Level 1 and 2) and I have realized how much my Japanese have improved compared with just reading Manga.

The book we read before (なぜ?)I believe was something in between Level 1 and 2.
I know this type of books might not be as popular as some Mangas, but I really would like to recommend a more “book” book for the next book after Chi’s.


Which graders are you using? :slight_smile: