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Because we chose a manga… should we already choose the next one??

Next book?

  • チーズスイートホーム - Chi’s Sweet Home: Because it tied and so…
  • 10分で読める物語 二年生: Because we want a book
  • New poll: Because democracy and that…

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I have also closed the poll for when to start しろくまカフェ. I don’t like so many polls open.

I’ll update the OP with dates and so. And also create a new threat for the reading of the book itself. Or anyone can create it :stuck_out_tongue:


count me in! :smiley:

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Yo dawg, I heard you like polls, so I put a poll in your poll, so you can poll your poll for pole position.

More seriously, I don’t really care. A book would be nice, but especially if mangas don’t take that much time the difference will be minimal probably. I’m fine with either decision.

And Chi has very little text, so we’ll read it in no time

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I have created the thread for the book!


I didn’t vote for either of the two tied top choices, but I think it makes a lot of sense to read both when clearly a lot of people want to read those. So I voted for Chi, we’ll get around to a new poll and new choices soon enough. :slight_smile:


Yes, Chi is both smaller than other mangas, and not very text heavy, so it will be a much faster read than most mangas =)

It’s almost same size as Yotsuba

But noticeably thinner (196 vs 162)

Random pages. It varies, but generally has less text than Yotsuba


Ohh, it’s thinner than I even thought!:DD With Chi, I think we may be able to read in a month even or so:D


I brought a Chi manga to the vet ones, as I had to wait while my baby Eevee was getting her teeth fixed (which took a while). Managed to read a whole manga while siting in the waiting room =P
This was from the second series, and is even lighter I think. But still, could do a whole manga in one siting. Chi is the only one I’ve been able to do that with =P


I think that possibly says more about the vet than it does about the manga. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, it was a very long day :stuck_out_tongue:


Any decision on the follow-up book yet?

If we go by the vote, 60% say Chi. And I still think being a completely tied vote in the first place it shouldn’t even be a question. We could have made a new vote on the two tied entries, but since we didn’t it makes no sense to even consider not doing Chi.


Where do I buy Japanese Manga in the UK without having to buy complete sets?! :open_mouth: I don’t wanna buy 50万volumes of chi from Amazon, just want to buy them as and when I need them :’(

You can buy just the first volume from CDJapan, but if you’re only buying one thing the shipping will probably be a bit painful. I think it will cost about £9.60 for the one volume, including shipping.

There are a few Japanese bookstores in London at least, but I’ve never visited them and from what I’ve seen you can’t buy from them online (or at least they don’t appear to have any manga in stock online).

Actually, you can also buy just the first volume from Amazon, but it looks more expensive.

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Poll closed!! It was winning by a lot, so it’ll be it.

March 13th しろくまカフェ then Chi’s sweet home


And I didn’t vote for either! :cry:
But happy to read along! :books::books::books:


Hi - I just got all five volumes of this shipped on ebay from Japan! It’s great timing.

Also, does anyone know if Manga book covers are available for this size of manga? My copies are in perfect condition and want to keep it that way. Guess i can check at a jp book shop or maybe there’s an online store that sells the right size? Thanks for any advice maybe others will find it useful.

Also: Hi to the Community it’s my first post :slightly_smiling_face:


This might help:
They are the same size as Naze books, might be easier to find covers for those?