Absolute Beginners Book Club // Currently reading Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

It looks like a frog. Most stories are pretty f**** up

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You have to buy them. The links should be somewhere in the first post. Possibly in the home thread for the book?

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I mean, sure piracy is bad and all that, but you don’t have to buy them.
Even then, I remember someone saying that the first 50 pages or so were free.
(I don’t remember if of this manga or another, but I think it was this one.)

Free sample of first ten and a half chapters are available here:

Click on 無料試し読み in the grey box towards the top right of the page.

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Hi ! I’m thinking of joining in on the next book. I’m currently at level 9, do you think it is enough to be able to read the material you read ? Also, do you know approximately when you’re going to start the next book ? Oh, and how fast do you read ? I wonder if I can read enough each week to catch up

Hi, welcome Lillian! I think level 9 is fine for joining in. It’s native Japanese material rather than a graded reader aimed at learners, so the main difficulty will be the vocab and the grammar. There will be plenty of kanji from a higher level than you but there is furigana so you will be able to read these. There are some sample pages on the original recommendation for the book earlier in this thread here.

If you go to the top of this page you can link to the thread of the current chapter we are reading to get a feel for the level. click here to go to the chapter 7 and 8 discussion

The reading speed is currently 2 chapters a week in this book. My link in the previous post will let you see what a chapter looks like.

Good luck!


Ok thank you ! This seems doable with a dictionary and discussion :slight_smile: . How many chapters are there in the current book ? So I can get a guess at when to check for the start of the next book

28 chapters, currently reading two chapters a week, started on March 13th. But the reading might speed up so best thing is to keep an eye on the top of this thread for the start date. :grinning:

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Hi everyone,

I just bought Chi’s Sweet Home first manga as I saw is the next likely book.

I am bookmarking the thread to know when the book changes.



I bought Chi’s Sweet Home a few weeks ago. Discovered when I got home again that I’d also bought it the last time I went into Kinokuniya, so now I have two…


where did you buy the books?

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Amazon jp =)

So to join in on Chi’s Sweet home later, should I buy volume 1 or the whole series ? Or is there maybe another format than the one in 12 volumes ?

You just need the first volume

Maybe you can donate the extra copy to someone?

By the way, I’ve just realized Chi’s Sweet Home is the first manga that I’ve bought in my life.

I could, that’s true. Don’t know of anyone in the book club who’s even in the same state as me, though…

Send it to México. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I just received my copy of the book. I will try to get up to speed with you :slight_smile:

Since the next book in the club is Chi’s Sweet Home, I thought I’d post this little announcement. The digital version of Volume 1 is available as a free purchase on Bookwalker and ebookjapan right now until May 9th.


Do you get to keep it after May 9th? I seem to recall similar deals in the past were “free to READ until X date” rather than “free to PURCHASE until X date”.

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