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What about 10分で読める物語 二年生? When will the club finish reading? So either wait for that to get close to the finish line and vote for a new book then or vote now and have two books being read at the same time again, the new one and 10分 (or even three if you count nyan nyan 2).

I thought nyan nyan 2 was more of a ABBC spin-off / side book and not an actual (democratically voted on) pick for the ABBC.

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10分で読める物語 二年生 will take a few more months. Right now we are almost done with story number 3

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結婚しても is only halfway through.

We just finished week 6 of 9, right? So, about three weeks left. (I don’t know when nominations and voting usually begin.)

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We probably should have finished voting like three weeks ago then, heh.


In last week’s poll, there were only 10 people still reading 結婚しても.

It still amazes me that people want to go through this whole process of nominating books, voting on books, and endless debate, when the result is always the same… hundreds sign up, but only a handful actually participate in the group.

Just having someone who is keen to read a book set it up themselves makes much more sense to me.

I know jaearess will want to post now saying “oh you always say that”, but yes, I do. I’m not going to debate it, mind, just say it!

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While I’m mostly in favor of book clubs as they are (with offshoots to continue a series), I must admit, I’m having trouble coming up an argument in favor of monolith book clubs over many smaller ones (and I tried, too!) Not that I’m saying anything should change, but as a fun thought experiment, I’ve come up with:

  • I like book clubs because you get the opportunity to read books you might otherwise have not read. But with individual series clubs, you get that with a much wider selection.
  • Book clubs have a lot of people drop out over the course of a read. With individual groups, readers are more likely to be reading something of interest to them and keep going. (See: “Yotsuba&!” and “Aria” groups.)
  • If a book doesn’t get enough interest, it can still have a thread. (See: “Is the order a rabbit?” thread.)
  • Book clubs start with many readers, making if harder to find a pace that works for everyone. Smaller groups are able to more dynamically adjust.
  • With many clubs, there may be multiple series going that you want to read, but can’t fit all of into your schedule. But with a monolithic book club, most of those series would never come up to begin with.

This would also help me with my planned eventual future nomination that I have no idea whether it’s more appropriate for ABBC or BBC, and thus I have not nominated anywhere yet =D


I’d love to know which book you want to do!

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That’s… pretty good? :sweat_smile:

A +/- average of 35 posts for 10 pages of reading every week. Not to mention that the manga will be there for future readers. I think it’s good enough imo ^^

PS: I always forget to vote on the polls :rofl:


My intention was basically to leave this decision up to the club. It could either act as a spin-off, or act as one of two picks after 結婚しても愛して (where the second pick is voted in), or just tide the club over as another option until 10分で読める物語 is finished.

MissDagger asked about voting several weeks ago but nobody really responded (and nobody really voiced an opinion on what ‘status’ にゃんにゃん should have either, so I left it ambiguous in the OP).

If you do decide to vote on another option to fill in the gap now, you probably don’t want to start it until early November, because otherwise shipping of physical copies might not happen in time.


Heh, I was judging how far we were in the book by where my bookmark was sitting, but the bookmark was actually in the last page that I helped someone else with, rather than the page the group had read up to. Whoops.


Omg I remember now, I was going to answer but then I got sick and forgot :sweat:
I don’t mind a pause in the book clubs for now, but I’m not sure how everyone else feels about it:3 Either way, the shipping will take a long time, so even if we vote it’s not gonna start soon.

Also there’s a book-book club going on now, but some people aren’t reading it, so I’m a bit lost on what to do here :thinking:


I personally don’t have an opinion much. My current reads (of which I am behind on all of them because I just didn’t spend much time reading in September) are both the current ABBC books, when the ABBC manga finishes is about when にゃんにゃん 2 will start, as well as the next BBC book (it is a manga) starts, and I plan to read both of those.

So personally I really don’t need another ABBC pick right now, because I already have enough to read with book clubs. (Especially since I also hope to read all three volumes of the marriage manga. And I also have more graded readers that I haven’t read yet. All of which I hope to get too soonish.)

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But… the voting and debating is fun! Why would you cut it off?

I will now slowly return back to the shadows I came from.


I wouldn’t. I’m just amazed that more effort seems to go in to debating which book to read than in actually reading them! Judging by thread activity at least!


“Voting and debating is fun” he says, while lurking in the shadows, neither voting nor debating. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I do not have the right to debate nor vote in a book club I do not belong to. It’s the law.


If it helps any for planning purposes, here are the active read-along WaniKani book clubs for the remainder of this year:


Edit: I think 10分 just finished, and よつばと! hasn’t yet determined a volume 11 start date.

Edit 2: Updated image to fix volume number on Chi’s, estimated end date for 10分, and to reflect potential future reading for ongoing series.


Nah, that one’s still got months to go. Though, the rate at which active participants dropped off is not a great sign…

Also, Aria’s going straight from volume to volume. We’ve only got about fifteen chapters left, sadly (plus Special Navigations).

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I’ll have to check the thread again and update my timeline. Since I’m not reading that one, I’m not familiar with how the thread’s set up, and couldn’t tell for certain if there was more to go.

I wish I was reading along with this series =( If only my copies of the series weren’t in storage presently, and I was here from the start. My timeline currently shows one volume at a time (likewise for Yotsuba), but I’ll probably update it to reflect the ongoing nature.

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