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here’s the home thread for 10分で読める物語 二年生


I bought おじさまと猫 when the voting started on the next book after Chi’s because the 1st couple of pages sucked me in

I picked it up today read the 1st chapter. Anyway, I’m up to Chapter 7 (cursory read - I have to read it again, noting grammer, kanji and all the other stuff I didn’t understand). I love it. It’s got more heart than Chi’s (which I am also enjoying) or maybe it’s just that I’ve got a history of adopting the unwanted/disabled/abused cats & dogs so it gets me right in my soft spot

I understand why people didn’t want another cat manga but I think this is perfect for the ABマC. It’s aimed at a broader audience

Thank you so much for suggesting this. It is bitter-sweet perfection, similar in emotional beats to My Roommate is a Cat

If you wanna start a 2-person thread for this manga when you read it, I’m there

Bonus - I can read the furigana with my contacts in unlike Chi’s


I bought it, too =D I’m probably only a chapter or two in, as I’ve been focusing on some other manga, and I’ve only read through casually without looking up what I don’t know, so I’d be up for starting over in a single-series book club for おじさまと猫.

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FYI マ ≠ 々. :slight_smile:


I have been caught out being lazy. I don’t know how to make it on the keyboard so I typed “ma” and used that…

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Honestly, the fastest way I can think of to type it on its own is to write 日々 (ひび) and then delete the 日. I imagine there’s an easier way, but it doesn’t come up in the suggestions when I type のま, sooo…



Thank you


It comes up when I type くりかえし (computer, but not phone) and when I type おなじ (both computer and phone).


Yeah, my last order arrived :grin:


That was pretty fast

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Yeah, amazon.co.jp terminated the delivery for this friday actually. But all my orders from amazon.co.jp to germany arrived amazingly fast.

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Just wondering, what is the translation of the title? Am I right in think that 結婚しても恋してる means “Even if we’re married, I love you”? Or something similar to this? Hopefully I’m wrong because I hope that I’m not the only one to see a problem with a statement like that

Perhaps, “Even though we’re married, I’m falling in love with you.”?

Even then, it’s obviously talking about how usually when people get married they stop doing the same things they did when they were dating.


Ok thanks. I actually didn’t think of that, so that wasn’t so obvious for me

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Maybe it was an arranged marriage. :man_shrugging: At least then it would have a more positive connotation. :joy:

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My books arrived :blush: So excited to read them

Both books came in about 3 days from Japan to Canada, much faster than my previous book, which took almost a month


Did everyone start reading the new book? I would like to join in if that is possible

No, we’re still reading Chi’s Sweet Home.


Not yet :blush:


uh that looks cute, i would like to try reading it. :smiley:

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