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Is the poll officially closed?

I have found someone going to Japan and he might be able to get me the book

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Not yet, WK forums weren’t working for some time and I honestly don’t know what to do :thinking: I think if the next winner is gonna be the book, I won’t be able to help with that. Also I think that doing that book for half a year is too much, so it’ll probably become something like a side book club?

I’m not sure, is anyone here willing to run that bookclub and make thread(s), schedule and all that? :thinking:

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I agree with this. I’d also say that the book looks harder than the manga imo, so don’t let yourselves get biased with the scoring in the poll.


But the book is winning, right?

And a new book can start after 2 month or so like others have said

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You guys do whatever you want, I can’t really comment since I’m not active in here (even though I’ve been reading the mangas) :man_shrugging: xD


They are pretty even :thinking: What about someone else does the book-book club (because they are pretty even) and I will run the manga one at the same time? :thinking: I think some people really want the book, so maybe opening one thread (or thread per story) is a nice idea. I dunno, I really don’t:DD


Honest question (and I am not signing up with it): How much time does it take each week to be the organizer/arranger of a book club (aka the actually book reading, not the picking of and voting of books)?

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Do you mean the reading of the book each week? :thinking: That would depend on the each person, I would say. Some people just read slower even if they know everything, and sometimes you just look up every single word. If you mean creating the threads, it takes 2 minutes max:D


I meant the creating of threads. So except for needing to post the threads, and on the home thread adding links and changing titles (right?), there isn’t anything else to it?

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Well, that’s pretty much it :thinking: Adding the link to the previous one and the next one, maybe posting about a new thread if you want to, aaand linking the home thread (once) to the master list. So once you’ve done the thread, you just copy it once a week:D


And usually coming up with a schedule at the beginner. Otherwise I think you got everything.


That’s exactly what I had in mind…my fault for not reading the entire thread. I would have totally voted for it. The initial link to the website made me think it would be above my level but the specific tales looked good…Maybe next time or next club.

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The poll’s kinda still going.

(Still a chance for my nomination to win. :grinning: )

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NOOOOOOOO!!! What happened???

You keep saying this, over and over and over and over, but the thing is, this book club is specifically set up to have it’s book decided by polls. Of course, anyone is free to set up a book club for any book they want. They’re also free to set up a book club where the book is decided by a poll. I do not understand why that is hard to understand.

I believe @FlamySerpent just said they wouldn’t be able to run the club for a book, not that the club shouldn’t do it.


You’re on 11% at the moment… there could be a sudden swing any minute now!

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But… I set up this bookclub and the whole poll thing was just a illusion of democracy, so people thought they choose the book I wanted. Buahahahahhahaha.

Just kidding :wink:


You never know, there is a possibility I might say it again!


I think you’re getting way too stressed about it :blush: unless you have hundreds of voters the polls are usually quite close, and you can never please everybody / people probably don’t mind that much anyway. Just close it whenever you feel like it :wink: nobody is going to burn you at the stake for taking executive decisions when you’ve put the effort in.

At the moment the manga is winning, which you’re happy to run, right? So just close it now and run the manga :slightly_smiling_face:

If nobody is particularly going to step forward to run the 10分で読める book, I will run the Cat Detective book, so either way there will be a manga and a book!

Edit: as a comparison, nearly all of the Beginners’ Club picks have won by only about 3 - 4 votes. Sometimes first place switches around quite a bit until the poll is closed. Nobody gets angry! We just close the poll and read the winner. No need to make it complicated :grin:


He is right. For example in the previous one, I closed the poll when I was at the bookstore and I bought the one that was winning at that moment :stuck_out_tongue:

This time just wait until the book is winning again! :slight_smile: