Absolute Beginners Book Club // Currently reading Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea; Next: Mitsuboshi Colours

LOL! Brilliant! But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that has already been done before!

Oh, and welcome to the forums @guildofgold! I just noticed that was your first post! Great to have you here!

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I’ll definitely be interested in reading Doggy Detectives once we’ve finished Kitty Detectives, so I might start a book club for it :grin:


I am down to join in on the next book. I am game for any book!


I created the thread for Story 7 of 10分で読める物語-


Hello everyone! I am back :blush: You might remember me from the なぜ?どうして?reading thread, though I dropped out about half-way through (from the book club and from Wanikani).

As I am waiting for the lifetime holiday sale to revive my subscription, I am catching up on なぜ?どうして? and thinking about the next read to propose. I see all of the books that are currently being read are all stories; I personally prefer little non-fiction pieces. For this reason, and for like-minded folks, I am proposing:

drum roll

なぜ?どうして? 科学のお話2年生 is everything you loved about 世界のふしぎ, only focused more on science and nature rather than social/cultural stuff. We’d learn vocab related to human body, plants and animals, and space!

As for the timeline, I’d suggest we start reading 科学のお話 in January, though we can put it off a bit more if active bookclub members need more time to finish up with the current books/have a break.

So, anyone interested in 科学のお話? :blush:


Nice pick! That book looks great!

And welcome back!!!

Perhaps best to start it after にゃんにゃん (2) finishes at the end of January?

I won’t be able to join in myself as all my efforts next year will be going towards Gundam Aggressor, but I think it is a brilliant choice!

That’s a great suggestion! Tentatively starting in February then.
(I might actually grab にゃんにゃん and join in for Story 2… I really missed bookclubbing! :smile: )

And best of luck for Gundam Aggressor! :muscle:

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Wow, that’s great! And thank you! :+1: :smiley:

Why not just set up the club yourself rather than wait for someone to set up a round of nominations and all that gubbins? That’s how the current clubs have been established. If people join, great! If not, no worries! (But I’m sure they will!)

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For sure! Still, if I can maximize the number of people joining by adjusting, say, the starting time, I want to make sure I do that.
After all, the point of bookclub is to read together :wink:


FYI, the edition of the book you’re linking to is OOP. There is a newer edition and the contents may have changed slightly:


Oh, yes, indeed, indeed! And I think starting in February, after the current にゃんにゃん book finishes, is a great idea. What I mean is that if you are going to set up a club for February, then the best time to do it is now! That will give everyone time to order the book!

Anyway, like I say, I’ll be busy reading elsewhere for the next few months, but I wish you all the best if you decide to go with it - it’s a great choice!


Hi Zuzu! I remember you from the first なぜどうして book and I remember you posting someone really useful comments that helped me understand the book. I’d be interested in joining you on another なぜどうして book and the one you’ve picked looks interesting.

I have some BookWalker coins that expire this month so I think I’m going to go ahead and buy the digital version now. The BookWalker link is here. On BookWalker you can only purchase it if you are in Japan (although this was very easy to get round). Once you’ve bought it you can download anywhere.

I can also see digital versions on sites like ebookJapan and Amazon Kindle.

Start of Feb sounds good for a start date, after にゃんにゃん2 finishes.


I completely missed that @zuzu had set up the thread for the next なぜどうして book! Thanks Zuzu!

If anyone else has missed it (I might be the only one as 40 people have clicked on the poll!) here is the link.

EDIT - I’ve added the new book to the opening post.


Can I join in? I’m new here. My Japanese level is pretty low, I took N5 in December and am currently taking Japanese lessons (8 hours a week). I live in Japan but also have two young children so don’t have the best brain for remembering things. That said, I’d like a more fun way to learn more grammar and vocabulary than a textbook so hopefully this will help?

Will start in Feb and can try get hold of the book before then.


Yes! You’ll be more than welcome! For any club, past or future, just grab the book and start! For me, it’s by far the best way to study!



Also not an official nomination, but could I suggest おしりたんてい?My son is 4.5 and has a copy of one of them, though I think it is aimed at 小学生 and they look like of fun to read :sweat_smile: The story is like a crime/detective type of thing and the main character has a butt for a face :see_no_evil: (maybe there isn’t enough Kanji though)


If you think a book is good choice you can put it forward as an official nomination for everyone to vote on, or you can just go ahead and set up a bookclub for it. But I would suggest that you first work through a couple of existing bookclubs, just to get a good feel for things.


Yes I’d not suggest anything officially until i’ve gone through a few and read the books myself too :slight_smile: I might give it a go whilst I’m waiting for this one to start anyway :slight_smile:

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I’m a bit late to the party - I’ve been reading にゃんにゃん探偵団 volume one, and using all your comments to help me. I’m really enjoying it - so much so that I bought volume 2 (which just arrived, so I’m too late to join the discussion of the third story in real time) and all the dog detective books. I’d definitely vote to read one of those at some point, so I could join the bookclub in real time.