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Did you deregister the device from the US site and register it to the JP site?

Wow, ichi.moe has really been my saving grace! I’ve read six pages since your post, it’s extremely helpful for figuring out which part is the word itself and which part is a particle or some other grammar point. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Okay, so, 結婚しても恋してる is now at its end, the last week starts from today and we need something else to read I guess. :eyes: I wasn’t as active recently, I’m getting ready for jlpt now and I don’t really have much interest in absolute beginner books atm, I can’t really vote and all that xD So sorry that I haven’t been much here

But, I guess we need a poll and a discussing to decide what to do now. There’s a book-book club going on right now, which some people really wanted, plus Kitty Detectives starting really soon.

Do we need anything else to read now?

  • We don’t need any more books/mangas to read right now
  • We need to suggest and vote for more (it will start in at least a month from now)
  • I’m not sure

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And are you going to participate then or are you busy/not interested as much?

  • I’m going to read with the book club
  • I’m probably going to read
  • I’m probably not going to read
  • I’m not going to read with the book club
  • I’m not sure

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I voted we would suggest a vote for more, though I think it could be for the book(s) after the kitty detective books, rather than starting ASAP (or at least later, if we don’t want to wait for that book to finish.) It wouldn’t hurt to get that started a little while out, I don’t think.

I don’t have any nominations this time, though, since we’ll be doing the only one I had.


I’d gladly interact in the voting for the next reading, but it seems like the participants of this book club have their attention now divided into 2 different readings, so I think going for a 3rd would not be very productive. I do think we should at least open the nominations’ period so that once things get calmer, we can start right away with making things happen for our next reading.

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We currently have 2 books on the go, and as one ends another is starting up, which, if I remember rightly, takes us into January. So it strikes me that there is already plenty to read. Plus, of course, we also have all the old clubs which people can still add to.

My personal opinion (not an argument or something I want to debate, just my opinion) is that the best way to start a club now is just as にゃんにゃん1 and にゃんにゃん2 were started, by someone keen to read the book and committed to see it through, without all the fuss of polls and debates and discussions.

(And if anyone is interested, I’m reading a Gundam manga like that starting on January the first!)

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10分 seemed to have ground to a halt last time I looked in. にゃんにゃん2 is starting soon, and there is a Chi’s Sweet Home vol 2 club running as well.

I’m going to take a break from book club for a couple of months and work on some Genki and speaking/listening.


Yeah, it pretty much did. I deferred on starting the next story because I was about to go away on holidays, and noone else picked it up, sooo…

I’ve worked my way through the older 10分 stories and I’m pretty keen to keep going. I’d been waiting for a new thread to go up, but I could also make one, if that’s allowed?

That’s absolutely allowed.

I’m still away, though. Didn’t bring my book with me.

I got through story 3 and the poem. Although it was not as thoroughly as the first two. I’ll have a look at @Belthazar’s translations and join up for story 5 soon.

The United Stated is entering our holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas), with each holiday pulling a progressively larger number of people away from home and regular schedules, so for those of us in the west of the west, having a little break before starting something new wouldn’t be the end of the world.

I would think putting out nominations (not voting just yet) could build interest toward reaching ng critical mass of potential readers, but I don’t have much experience of this stage of the process.

For me personally, the ABBC books haven’t piqued my interest (although I’d probably join in on Kitty Detectives 2 had I read the first, as I prefer to read a series in order).

They’re stand alone stories so there shouldn’t be any harm in starting with book two. :angel:t3:


Okay, so judging by the poll and responses, I feel that we might take a break and let people read some other books going on right now and future ones too :smile:

So I guess from this point anyone is welcome to make proposals for new books and mangas \o/

Kitty Detectives will be finished by end of January and I guess we have time for now :thinking: When should we start the new book, in 2020 I guess?


Could we vote for the book starting in 2020 so u have time to buy it?

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If I’m not mistaken, Kitty Detectives 2 ends on January 27th, and I guess that would be the best time to start a new book.

I don’t see the need for nominations and a poll and all the rest because (1) there are plenty of old clubs that anyone can still read through at any time (2) I know some people are ready to just get started with their own beginner books when the time is right (I believe @ChristopherFritz has a book up his sleeve) and (3) bookclubs set up without nominations and polls (such as the two Kitty books) have been very successful and save a lot of (what I see as pointless) debate.

But yes, most people like these rounds of nominations and polls (what is it about clicking polls in this forum?) and I’m always outvoted! lol!


Maybe we should have a poll to determine whether or not we need a poll.


LOL! Brilliant! But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that has already been done before!

Oh, and welcome to the forums @guildofgold! I just noticed that was your first post! Great to have you here!

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I’ll definitely be interested in reading Doggy Detectives once we’ve finished Kitty Detectives, so I might start a book club for it :grin:


I am down to join in on the next book. I am game for any book!