Absolute Beginners Book Club // Currently reading Mitsuboshi Colours

There definitely does appear to be some kind of trent, a few of the last book clubs lined up with free books which was even nicer!

Hmmm you’re absolutely right!
Bookwalker is saying normally 627 円 but now reduced to 314 円.

But wow you’re right, that appears to be the normal Amazon and Rakuten prices =O

I’ve updated my earlier post to mention this T.T


Has the deep, dark secret to Bookwalker’s sales finally been uncovered???

I only kid. It surprises me because normally when I hear about a Bookwalker sale on something I want to buy, I check Kobo only to find it’s a higher (regular) price there. (Some manga get the same sale at the same time across platforms, which is why I check.)

If I didn’t rely on Kobo for the ease of removing DRM so I can read on any device I choose, I’d definitely be looking at Bookwalker.


Would someone mind changing the thread title so that it states we are currently voting for the next book please?


There’s also 199 coin back on Book Walker, so effectively it costs 86 yen for the book at the moment, assuming you will use the coins in the future.

Only til midnight tonight Japan time though.


Great point, looks like the coins are only until end of today, but maybe the price reduction is longer? I was a bit confused as the dates seemed to disagree.


The sale ends October 11. It’s the coin back that is only till midnight tonight.


I changed the title. Let me know if you‘d prefer a different wording or any other change!


Thanks Nicole - looks great.

Mitsuboshi colours coin back on Book Walker is now 142 coins til the 5th October - so still very good value if you buy it in the next few days.


Hi guys. Im new to the club and I hope to join in with the next book/manga that is chosen. It looks like that’ll be Mitsuboshi Colors. Is only the first book/volume being read? And do we read things on a week to week basis and multiple volumes or just the first one?


Welcome Meeks. We would read volume one, and then depending on interest levels there is often interest in a spin off book club to continue reading later volumes.

Once the book is confirmed a home page for the book will be set up and a reading schedule agreed. Usually this would be a chapter a week, depending on the length of the chapters and text density. The club is aimed at absolute beginners so we try and keep the pace relatively slow.



I’ll plan to close the poll Monday evening UK time, so just over 24 hours left to get your votes in!


Thank you, Micki! Thats perfect. About to pick up Mitsuboshi Colours volume 1 and Happiness (first 3 volumes are free atm! In case anyone is interested) through Bookwalker. Looking forward to joining in with you all going forward!


The votes are in! Mitsuboshi colours was the clear winner and will be our next book starting around Nov 13th. It was a close race for second place but Happiness just won out, so unless there are any objections we’ll schedule that one afterwards.

@ChristopherFritz do you want to run the Mitsuboshi book club? @eieio do you want to run Happiness?


Sure thing. I’ll get the thread up today. Thread is up:

I was wondering which would make it to second. I knew if Colors came first, it’s short enough that there’d absolutely be a second pick.


I‘ve updated the thread header, hope it’s ok like this?


If you ever wondered when it might be time to take the jump to the next level: Here is your chance ! The Beginner Book Club is currently voting and if you’re interested you could have a look at their proposals - maybe there is something in it for you?

Also, I can reassure that the Beginner Club gang is as friendly and helpful as the people you’ve met in here, so don’t be shy and try it out! :slight_smile:


With an 11 week schedule for the next book, the book after that would be scheduled to start on Feb 5th. Assuming we go with the plan of reading the runner up in the poll afterwards, we’ll need someone to volunteer to run the Happiness book club. @eieio it was your pick so you are welcome to run the club. Otherwise would anyone else like to run this one?


The 大海原と大海原 Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea Volume 2 Off-Shoot Club will be starting on November 20th. You can find the schedule at the Vol 2 Home Thread!


Reminder: We’re starting ()(ぼし)カラーズ this upcoming weekend!



The week one thread for Mitsuboshi Colors is live. For subsequent threads, I’ll only post about them in the main Mitsuboshi Colors thread.