Absolute beginner song lyrics!

I like listening to soft and slow music (folk, indie pop etc) in new languages. I like hearing new vocabulary and grammar structures when I sing them in my head.

So I wondered if it’s possible to find absolute beginner songs - JLPT N5-friendly, “pleasant” kanji-friendly. For context, the Absolute Beginner Book Club was still too hard for me. So I tried a couple of songs until by pure chance I stumbled upon one with such simple grammar that I understood most of it from hearing, which was really wow!

So first, I wanted to share it in case other absolute beginners want to try understanding the lyrics. Note that the language is easy, but the emotions might be hard, in case you don’t like sad songs (EDIT: apparently I interpreted it as sad, but maybe I’m wrong, because other listeners called it heartwarming!). The song is called 同じ話 (おなじはなし) by Humbert Humbert (admittedly, I haven’t read up anything about this duo yet, just listened to this song). Here it is: Spotify

And second, I’d like to ask for help with a few phrases in the song that I’m not sure that I fully understand. Questions below :arrow_down:

Questions about the lyrics of 同じ話

そばにおいでよ - I understand it means “come close” in imperative. Is おいで some verb form? What is the verb?

いいよ、まず君から - Does this answer mean “OK, you first”? What’s the role of から here?

君のこと見てるよ - Does it mean “I’m looking at you”? What’s the difference between 君 and 君のこと?

僕も君を見つめ - What does the verb form of 見つめる mean if the る is dropped?


Sorry, you mean おなじはなし?

It’s technically composed of お (honorific prefix) + いで (stem form of now-defunct verb いづ, a predecessor of 出る). It’s a fossilized formation that can’t be adjusted now.


Yes, sorry! Fixing

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I found this one pretty easy:


I think this is easy-ish, though I haven’t bothered sitting down to properly look at it.


it does. a part before gives you context.

話をしよう - いいよ、まず君から - let’s talk - okay, (starting) from you
it doesn’t sit right in english, so it’s better to translate “you go first”

yes, it means I’m looking at you. it’s kinda indirect “you”. Plain あなた・きみ might come off as rude, but also こと is more about the feeling, not action of looking itself. I hope there is someone who can explain it better lol


regarding easy songs. this one has easy grammar and vocabulary, it didn’t take a lot of time for me to translate

but all in all, absolute beginner songs are going to be kids songs :smiley:


The meme and parody videos are its biggest plus