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Does anyone know about at which level in wanikani i would be able to read the kanji thT appear in the tobira book? Or maybe some reference to at whuch level it might be plausible?


I was around level 30 when I started Tobira and I can read about 90% or more of the kanji in it. Actually, I was doing chapter 9 earlier this week and I noticed I ran into a word I didn’t know and how unusual that seemed. I’ll hazard a guess that around level 25 is fine, because it was definitely fine at 30. Tobira has a glossary after the reading sections though, so if there’s a word you don’t know it’ll probably be in there (it appears to be a selection of “intermediate” vocabulary).

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Tobira is more or less after Genki which has more or less 300 Kanji in it.

It’s all in this spreadsheet (I did not make it, I found it in the forums here somewhere)

At level 20, you know 55% of the kanji. At level 26, you know 75%. At level 33, you know 90%, and at 55, you know all of them.


What do the pink and blue kanji mean?

Not sure, sorry! Like I said, I did not make this.

Tobira has some kanji that you are supposed to know how to read and write and some that are read only. My best guess is that it has something to do with that.

In fact, I made it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Saves me the trouble of digging up the link to post it.

Basically the same designations that are used on the Tobira website - blue = kanji that you’re only taught to read, not write; pink = kanji that you’re taught to write which were read-only in a previous chapter (I omitted any pink kanji’s first appearence as a blue kanji to avoid doubling up on results).


Thank you! I’m so glad you did! And sorry I didn’t credit you. I honestly didn’t know who made it or even where I found it before!

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