About to Reset. Talk Me In or Out of It

Been away from the crabigator for a few months. I worked hard to get to level 34 but I came back to 4000+ reviews in my queue and it seems overwhelming to tackle so the question is to reset or not to reset. I’m honestly torn but I’m leaning towards resetting because I feel in the long run it will stick with me better if I go back and take the time to relearn everything. Also came back to find that radicals have been revised!!! (Shows how long I’ve been away) Thoughts?


I have just finished (like 2 minutes ago) my 1000 reviews from being away for a while. Took me like 4 days at an easy pace. I estimate about 80 items went back to apprentice, and maybe some 150 or 200 to guru. The rest I remembered. I still reckon it will be easier to relearn these 250ish items than resetting.

You should take slightly longer to do this, but the logic still applies.

If you start reviewing and it’s truly a disaster, you can always reset tomorrow.


The overhaul seems like the perfect excuse to reset. Never been a better reason.


Whenever I had a backlog of reviews to do, I tended to sort by level (lowest to highest) and by the time I reached the higher level items I found that I didn’t even remember learning some of them and that’s when I knew which level to reset to.


Also, you don’t have to reset completely - you could go back just a few levels and see if that improves matters.


Hi, long time no see

You might remember me

First of all, i want to tell you that when I was about to enter the painful levels I noticed you, and I’ve been looking up to you, up to your current level I know you had a pretty nice speed, so I trust you have what it takes to learn up to the end.

That being said, I believe that if you reset some levels enough to reduce the amount of reviews, you’ll be more than ready to get to the end.

And I’ll see you there!!



I remember you making that thread! I was in the late 30’s or early 40’s at the time. Glad to see you’ve pulled through all this way, you’re so close to the end now :sunglasses:


I was in a similar situation at level 33 and had an awful amount of reviews and lessons piled up from 6+ months of vacation mode. I did 100 reviews to see what I could remember and I got maybe 30% correct. With the new content overhaul, I decided to reset to 20 and see if I could get rid of a few leeches from lower levels as well.

I still have about 300 reviews, but it’s much more manageable than 2000+. And I’m still burning things so I haven’t forgotten or lost all my knowledge.

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I’d say… why not take a couple days and just see if you can put a dent in it, and what your retention rate is? See how it feels.

In the grand scheme of things, 4000 reviews isn’t that many. To get to level 8 I’m at ~13000 total reviews.

It might take you a week or two to get through 4000+ reviews at a moderate pace but it will take you months to get back to level 34 even at the fastest pace.

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tl;dr camp

can you like reset to your current level - 10?

I think if you still retain most of what you have learned, don’t reset. Because if you reset 10 levels back, you basically lost at least 70 days of your progress.

Meanwhile, you can definitely take those 4000 reviews out in 2 weeks, if you do 100 reviews per session, 3 session per days.

I would try doing reviews and if it’s overwhelmingly difficult, reset back to around level 30 so you don’t lose a lot of progress.

i thought my reviews were many, and i was away for 3 years. 4000 though? that’s kinda brutal.

I do remember you! Thank you for the encouragement and feedback :grinning: I’m so happy to see you so close to the end. Now I look up to you to be reassured that I can do it. Thanks so much. See you at 60 :smile:


Thank you all for the feedback. I think I will take you all’s advice and try to put a dent in my reviews and see how confident I feel about what I remember. I’ll try to sort lowest level to highest level and go from there. If I feel like I truly retained nothing then I will reset down to a lower level. Thank you all so much.


Sir it is truly an honor to have you comment on my thread lol :grin:

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