About the 50%off

I know I might sound extremely cheap, but I’m currently struggling financialy and want to make savings wherever I can while still being able to use this site.

So we have a code that gives us 50% for yearly or monthly subscription (the code is valid for 1 year).

So can I for example use this code, pay 50% off for 11months using monthly plan and then while the code is still valid go for the yearly subscription (if it works this way) or do they make those deals every year and I should signup for the year right away?

I’ve heard the code is valid forever. I have the code and that’s what it says on the subscription page.
So once you’ve applied it it’ll go to all future transactions.

Covered it up, just in case, but that’s what it says for me.

Nah, you’re fine. But

This is false. As @LogicalFallacy says above, cnce you input the code, it’ll automatically apply on every renewal (although it may go away if you discontinue and try to come back - I’m not clear on that). If you’re committed, it might be best to take the yearly subscription from the start (as long as it’s not too big a drain on cash flow) since it’ll end up being cheaper than monthly.

The code probably doesn’t work anymore anyway. Unless you’re a lifetime member of TextFugu and got the new code.

The code is something you get from being a Textfugu member. I’ve heard conflicting things about what level of member you need to be.

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I don’t think it’s exclusive anymore. My brother signed up in December and he got an email with the discount after the lifetime subscription ended.

Having just redeemed that coupon yesterday, that’s great news!
But I’m not too sure about it lasting forever. The 50% off email offer states “The coupon will remain applied to your account for a year”.

So my interpretation is - you can redeem the coupon until January 31st - and the discount is applied to the monthly or yearly program for 1 whole year. So you wouldn’t be able to expand it.

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Oh maybe they changed it because so many people were abusing the old discount code. What does it say on the subscription page on WaniKani for how long it lasts? It used to say something like “Lasts Forever”.


It still says lasts forever for me… and it’s for TextFugu Members that have lifetime… so if you got one in an email it’s probably different, you get the TF one from the homepage of TF once you log in

There are different codes out there. We recently emailed out a promo which contains a code only good for 1 year (explicitly stated in the email). Just wanted to clarify so people don’t get any false expectations.


While we’re on the topic, does anyone know why the 50% off code (non-expiring variant) cannot be used toward the lifetime tier? Not a big deal, but there must be a reason for it.

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