Able to put multiple month subscriptions?

I’m at level 3 and almost done with the free part of WaniKani, and I want to ask, is it possible for me to add monthly subscriptions on top of each other? For example, could I buy a monthly subscription 3 times, or for 3 months, and then would I have 3 months of WaniKani, or do I have to do it every month?

Yes you can. Just subscribe now and cancel three months later.

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I mean if you could buy like 3 or however many months of the monthly subscription which lasts 3 months at once, instead of every month for 3 months you pay. I’ll probably do that, just wondering if it’s possible because that might be better.



The subscribtion system works with monthly / yearly renewal, meaning that you register it once and the amount needed gets deducted from your bank account every month / year without requiring any further operation from your part. Up until you cancel it, of course.

So what you are asking is basically not possible, you can’t bulk purchase 3 months worth of subscribtion time at once.

Hope I could help.

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Okay, thank you! I only asked this because I saw it with some other subscription services, but it probably doesn’t work with them all then.


The yearly subscription is the best deal WK offers. Around Christmas there may be a discount sale for lifetime. If you have montlhy or yearly sub ongoing, the remaining time gets subtracted from the cost of getting life-time.

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This is what I did. I got a yearly subscription in March of I can’t remember… 2019 or somewhere. Then when Christmas came, I got the lifetime one on discount. I don’t regret getting lifetime, since I’m still not halfway yet and I kinda figured I would take longer than a year to finish this.
Not to mention that I can now reset and start over however much I please without worrying about the cost.

I ended up just getting monthly for now, and if I decide to change later I will. Thanks for the help!

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