Aaaaarrrrrggghhhh that review timer is murder

it’s a trap!

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This happens when you do all your lessons at once. Once they get to Apprentice 3 & 4, there’s about a day and 2 day wait, respectively. Still happens sometimes for me too, but if you split your lessons up over a couple days, you spend less time reviewing each day, but more days reviewing. Would be a good idea to start doing it now because it’s real easy to burn out even at like level 8 or 9. Happened to me (among other things I was dealing with) and I had to take a couple months off.

I will try to split up my vocab lessons then to even it out a bit but still progress through the level at a decent speed.

Use the reorder script to knock out radicals and kanji first since vocab doesn’t affect leveling up and you’ll be fine. Just don’t neglect them and you won’t have any issues, especially since they reinforce the kanji you study. :+1:

Huh. I’ve always assumed it was a combo of duck and turtle = durtle. Kind of like how the kappa looks like a cross of those two things. And like how crabigator is a combo of, you know… crab and alligator.


Hope this can help!



The reorder script is a dangerous tool, and many people don’t have the self-control to use it responsibly. Use it sparingly, use it carefully. Otherwise you end up on level 20 with all the vocab from level 15 on apprentice 1.

I told myself I wouldn’t abuse the function… I’d only use it to get the radicals first, I said…

Oh, what the heck! Just this once.


Don’t want to scare you away, but that’s where the fun starts. And once you’ve got a handle on rendaku, they throw stuff like 万人 at you where it’s just like, yeah, sorry you just gotta remember this one. :wink:

I always remember size because of さ

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I installed the reorder script but I’m not sure if I’ll keep it. Doing reviews in order is nice, because I don’t like having vocab (regardless if it’s from last level or not) first. I always keep my Lessons/Reviews at 0 it would bother me too much to see the number rise to neglect anything. I’m also using the double check script and don’t see the point in abusing that either. I payed quite a bit of money to be here and learn, I’d only cheat myself if I didn’t put in the actual afford. :sweat_smile:


Holy SMOKES!!! I thought having 80 reviews was alot…

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Alternatively if you don’t care about leveling speed, you can use the reorder script to force yourself to learn all the level’s vocab as soon as it’s available before you learn any more kanji, therefore ensuring you never have a vocab backlog.

It does make you level slower, though.

Lol I used to have over 200 reviews a day until I reset and started going slower

yeah, I always thought that was stupid too

Just you wait for “treasure” and “narwhal”… They are the WORST!

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treasure and narwhal are just katakana め and な, respectively. (メ、ナ)

メ looks much more like an x, but an easy way to tell the difference is that な’s first stroke (ナ the horizontal one) is 100% horizontal.
it has to stand straight up, otherwise.

and if that doesn’t help you remember, well then eff urself (ナ°Д°)ナ
(just kidding don’t do that, but look at his hands. :P)

Lately I’m thinking of the horizontal line in ナ as the surface of the water, and the vertical line as the narwhal breaking it. That really helped. And if there is no horizontal line, that means it’s probably treasure…

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You can also use your own mnemonics and put them in the notes. You’ll have to do modify the stories a bit later on, but it helped me.

When I first learned katakana, I remembered メ as the ‘x’ in Mexico since it’s pronounced “meh” as kana. For ナ it looked liked a person floating away from you with arms outstretched saying “nah!” for the pronunciation. That helps with the “narwhal” mnemonic.

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