A way to stagger new lessons?

Hey guys,

As my work load in both Wanikani and real life increases, I was wondering if there is a good method to stagger the acquisition of new lessons to keep progress going.

For example, at the moment when I level up I usually guru 14 Kanji in the space of a day. This combined with the new lessons you receive when levelling up means upwards of 100+ lessons in vocab alone.

I’m wondering if anyone has purposely delayed learning new Kanji (or staggered it) to make sure you can keep the progress of clearing your lessons without feeling overwhelmed and having to bang out 50+ vocab in a day or two.

My current method is to clear all the vocab before starting the radicals and kanji and once I start Guruing Kanji quickly try and do the vocab it provides. However by the end of the level it starts to get overwhelming.

Any advice?

If you are concerned about speed then on the first day of a new level, knock out the radicals and do a set amount of kanji/vocab. Then over the next few days, whittle down your lesson queue while keeping in mind that you should finish all the kanji lessons before you guru that levels radicals. Remember that at a quick speed you have about 8 days to get your lessons done, so prioritize the items that are needed to level and space out the rest.

I’m not sure I quite get what you’re asking, but doing 22ish lessons a day is sufficient to maintain 7-day pace (given good accuracy). I personally split my lessons into 3 sets of 8 (or more recently I’m experimenting with 3 sets of 3 sets of 3) spaced out over the day so that they’re more palatable.

I do all radicals and kanji immediately. I then stagger vocab lessons over the course of the level, usually doing about 15-20 new lessons every day, sometimes more when I feel like it.

Seems to be working fine for now.

I believe you want exactly this script: Lesson Filter. It allows you to select how many radicals, kanji, and vocab you want for each set of lessons. This approach allows you to make steady progress on the level while also unlocking new vocab throughout the level.

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But… if you’re happy to delay kanji lessons, why not vocab lessons? I think the way WK is presented encourages users to think that they ought to do all lessons, as soon as they appear. That’s not really the case, and I think the sooner you stop caring about how many lessons are sitting in your pile, the easier you’ll find the experience ^^

I don’t even really register the number of new lessons I get. I just have a schedule of when I do lessons, and do those!

Within a level, you get two batches of kanji. There’s a large batch which you get immediately, and a smaller batch when you Guru your radicals. You can’t level up any faster than you can Guru that second batch, so if you dislike getting a load of vocab lessons coming in all at once, I’d use seanblue’s script above or the reorder script to space out the first batch of kanji over a few days.


Just do whatever you feel like. I find the vocab relatively easy so rattle through a lot of them in a session. For kanji I tend to break it down into 2 or 3 sets over 2 or 3 days. I also tend to learn them, look up better mnemonics in KKLC and a few vocab items in which they are used then leave them for an hour or so. Then I come back to them and try to remember reading and mnemonic and add synonyms. They then tend to show up in the next load of reviews. I’ll usually get a couple wrong which I go back to. I only start the the new kanji lessons when I have time but tend to do vocab as and when it comes up.

I use the law of failing, the more you fail the better you become (ok I just invented that). So I don’t spend a lot of time on lessons, you won’t learn them in one go anyway. Then, by failing the reviews I get better at the Kanji and I eventually ace them. I don’t really care about the percentage, the point is to learn not to show off :wink:

Learning by repetition, I think it’s the best method. That’s how you become good at anything. I am not mentioning anything new as WK uses SRS (spaced repetition system) but what I mean is don’t stress too much about it.

That being said, I don’t necessarily tackle everything immediately. If I don’t feel like doing it I will just postpone it but once I start I do everything at once.

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This happens to me everytime >.<

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