A Small Celebration

みんなさま今日は。This summer, near the end of June, my house lost its wi-fi. It’s been possible to get by so far, using the computers at the library and at my job, but keeping up with Wanikani became impossible for me. Without around the clock access I couldn’t chip away at it gradually and I never had the strength to spend all my precious online time doing reviews.

For months my account was sitting at about 800 reviews waiting and 90 lessons. I’ve been on level 27 for 150 days. I had gotten down to 0 reviews last week, and just finished my last lesson today. I might even get back online sometime in the new year, but I won’t be giving up regardless.

I really don’t post on the forums so I don’t expect anyone to know me or care about me, but I just wanted to share one of my few success stories. Also, it’s a testament to WK that literally the next day after I first started learning new items I recognized a vocab word in the manga I read.


Congratulations on your triumphant return.

Thanks! Hey, fellow Canadian, right? I’m from SK.

Toronto. But I’m visiting my family in Windsor now. (All South-Western Ontario all the time.)

You in one of the major cities or out in the country?

Hey, we sure care about you! We’re all in the same boat, after all. Congratulations! You should really be proud of your persistence :slight_smile: Doing WK until the end is not easy. If you’ve made it until lvl 27, I’m sure you’ll be able to get through this phase too.


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Thank you!

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I live in Regina, but I’m visiting my family too, in a li’l town that’s just under 2,000 people.

Oh, so small!

:tada: Congrats, and well done for sticking with it. Having learned of your tribulations, I shall henceforth endeavour to be less frustrated when my wi-fi cuts out for a couple of seconds a few times during reviews.

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Whoa, well done! :confetti_ball: That seems like a tough deal, but you’ve surely done good.
Sending some wishes your way so that doesn’t happen anytime soon!

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