A simple grammar question

Hi, one of my reasons for learning Japanese is that I am an Australian Karateka. The question was asked of me if the correct way to direct students to perform a particular 方 (for example Saifa) is to put the kata name first? For example would one say Saifa kata, or kata Saifa in Japanese? Or, something else altogether?
Hopefully not a dumb question.

Thanks everyone!

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Hi, Australian Judoka here! The kanji used for kata in this circumstance is 形, and you say x の形. Judo has, for example 投の形, 固めの形 and so on.


Australian person who practiced Tae Kwon Do a great many moons ago, here. :stuck_out_tongue: To clarify on the kanji, 方 = person, 形 = form.


Thank you both very kindly. I really appreciate your answers especially the correction of my use of the kanji. I will process this and pass it on! :blush:
I am very grateful to have people like you on this forum to help me on my journey.

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