A reminder for my goal of conquering WK less than 1.5 year

As the title says I hope I’ll be able to complete WK less than one and half year. And main reason to open this topic is to keep myself motivated.
For now. I am on lv7 which will be finished in 5 h (I hope) 08.05.2021 9PM
Edit: I’ve just level upped to lv9 the road to lv 10 18.05.2021 1PM


Be consistant and you will make it. :slight_smile:


Good luck, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t manage it (I’m sure you will!) completing WK in general is impressive.


I already messed up my goal which is to finish it in a year (my starting goal). While it is possible for some people it was unrealistic for me. My new deadline is 22 may 2022 (before the skytree turns 10 year old)


I don’t beat myself .It just feels too bad when you waiting 2 kanjis but :smiley:


Your goal should be to learn Japanese effectively. Just don’t get so fixated on doing WaniKani fast that you neglect other areas of study.


Oh, that’s nice. But remember not to overexert yourself. Levelling up at top speed does have drawbacks sometimes but other than that


Also if you use the reorder script, please remember to do vocab lessons and reviews. :slightly_smiling_face:


ganbatte zilos-san!


I haven’t started working on grammar. I will start when I hit 1lv10 as wk suggests. Should I start now?

For now I am not using any reorder script and I have no problem about my reviews. This can be only pozitive effect of covid

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learning works much better when you have context. if you’re just doing WK, you’re basically learning kanji in a void, with no context. grammar (and then reading etc.) gives you context.

WK suggests kanji first because then you don’t have to concentrate on kanji when learning grammar. but textbooks tend to assume that you don’t have kanji yet anyway, so introduce them slowly.

for me, level 10 was when i started reading native material (manga).

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Level 10 is when they say “If you haven’t started yet, seriously, start now.” There is no good reason to wait, especially since your first lessons are just going to be the introduction to particles like は and の, which don’t require you to know any kanji to understand the sentences they are used in.

I want to start my grammar study with reading books. This may be real reason for waiting lv10.
But I am not sure whether or not I’ll be able to read them

A beginner-level book should have furigana, so you shouldn’t necessarily need the kanji study. Reading practice is good, you should definitely do it even if you don’t really understand what you’re reading as it will help you get faster and your mind will gradually take in the input and figure it out by itself. But you would also do yourself a lot of good if you sat down with a textbook and got to studying.

I’m sorry if it seems like I’m telling you you’re doing it wrong, that’s not my intent, it’s just that it’s such a long journey to become proficient at Japanese and there are multiple aspects to study and ways of studying them.

I’m almost busy now for 7 years hahah :rofl:

Absolutely can second this. For instance, Genki has plenty of furigana even in later chapters as it’s a beginner’s book. Also, for every chapter it teaches extra kanji and gives very useful example words with both on’yomi and kun’yomi readings to get you started.

If you pair that with WaniKani, you’re off to a good start :slight_smile: .

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