A question to the fast learners ~8 days per level

I also use the “under 100-150 apprentice items” method. Right now I have 96 apprentice and 510 guru. I do around 30-50 lessons a day if there is not that many reviews on that day, or no lessons at all if there are too many reviews scheduled. And I divide them in bunchs of 10 every hour or every 2h. Also I do use the reorder script to do all the radicals first, then divide the kanji and vocab in bunchs of 10 through the days. I try to do my reviews as soon as they come up, but if the time is bad, I just skip it and do all of them on my next break. I usually have a little bit of time in the morning and/or the afternoon, at night I’m not all that active because college ends very late. I’ve been leveling up every 7d12h more or less. Though when I was on exam week or something, it took a little bit longer, 'cuz priorities.

Hey, what’s the extension that shows the SRS level breakdown below each of the level numbers? I cant figure out which of the million items from “The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps” it is.

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here you go :blush:

Word. Thank you!

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Currently 92 items in Apprentice. When I get to a new level I do all the lessons until the radicals are all done. The kanji I do later when I feel like it.
I don’t use any reorder scripts. Don’t want to end up having tons of vocab lessons and reviews pending like some people here have. That can’t be good.
I feel like I might not keep up my pace much longer though. It’s getting more difficult to remember the kanji, and there are always more reviews every day.

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My average lvl up time is about 8 days.
I don’t find that limiting apprentice to 100 really changes much, it comes down to a fundamental WK preference: do you want a nice even keeled experience w/ lessons and reviews, or are you okay with spikes and valleys w/ lessons and reviews. When you do a set amount of lessons everyday, reviews will be more even keeled, where as doing everything all at once will create high volume review days & low volume review days.
My personal method atm:
I have the built in WK ordering to “Ascending level then subject”, so when I level up, I do the like sixty odd vocab lessons + new radicals I just unlocked and then just casually learn the first heap of kanji and vocab as I guru the new radicals, then of course the remaining kanji after I unlock them. So I tend to have spikes. My apprentice items fluctuate, approximately between 50-150 I’d say, depending on the day.

You can use reorder script and still keep up with lessons. You just have to do all your previous level vocab lessons on time, before you level up again. I use reorder script and I never have vocab lessons from two levels below. If I’m 16 now, for example, I have, at most, the vocab lessons from lvl 15 that I got from leveling up.

If you used reorder, it would basically be the same as what you do already, but instead of doing all lessons in one go you can do the radicals and kanji first, and then work through the vocab during the week. This will probably increase retention because you can spread them out. And as long as you do the lessons, there’ll be no pending lessons later. But yes, it’s your choice, just maybe give it a try, see what you think.

I generally hover around 100-120 items in Apprentice. Because I haven’t yet really split my lessons up more than 12 hours I have days with <30 reviews and others with more than 300 (especially if master / enlighten / and eventually burn reviews line up on the same day). I can generally dedicate an hour if needed to WK if needed so I get by.


How did you manage to unlock so many kanji before guruing the radicals?

What happens with respect to timing at that point? Is that when your failed-the-first-time burns start reappearing in large numbers?

Nope, theres a special thing that happens at level 26 (the level im at) and 48 on I believe.

The amount of radicals that you learn is so low that the kanji you unlock are less than 10% of the level, In other words, if you go max speed, you can level up in under 4 days because you only need to guru your ~3 radicals and all of your first set of kanji. This causes the workload to pretty much double, going to about 300 reviews a day and 40 lessons a day to keep up.

To illustrate this, you can see I have 30/33 kanji available which is just over 90 percent even tho i havent guru’d my radicals. At this rate I should have a level up time of 3 days 14 hours.

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I wish I could maintain more than 100 apprentice items at a time, because any less for me is boring. No idea what magic you guys are using. I’m going to be completing level 16 at 6 days, 22 hours and I’m stuck with less than 90 apprentice items. :frowning: I end up clearing my last level’s vocabulary at the same time that I clear the current level’s starting radicals/kanji, so I end up getting rid of about as much as I gain from the second wave. It’s frustrating!


Nothing special, just the way the level works.

Kanji are only locked if you haven’t guru’d a contained radical. As you get to higher levels there are less new radicals, so more kanji is unlocked from the moment you level up.


Just means accuracy is high enough. So unless you want to intentionally get stuff wrong to keep up your apprentice count, you’ll just have to get used to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Spend your extra time learning other aspects of Japanese!

You could use your remaining time to describe as detailed as possible how you approch reviews and lessons.

For those like me who are used to forget there items at guru 2 :slight_smile:

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I do 7 day levels. I always level up Sunday morning (with the help of scripts, yes)

I do the critical items first. I do all the radicals in one sitting, the first set of kanji in two. The second batch of kanji I do in one sitting.

The vocabulary I do 10 per sitting, 4 hours minimum between sitting and 3 sittings per day (30 items a day) I try to do one in the morning, one around mid day and one in the early evening. That way they all get one or two reviews that day as well.

When I do radicals and kanji they count toward the 30 items.

I do new lessons most days, but if I don’t have anything disrupting my schedule I run out of lessons on Friday, leaving Saturday to focus on reviews. I sometimes also run out on vocabs for Wednesday (the day I unlock the last kanji)

My apprentice stay around 100-130. My guru is usually 500-600. Next day review count is usually 100-150 (though in reality it is more since some are apprentice + new lessons). Without bothering to calculate the actual number, I’d say I do around 200-250 reviews per day maybe.

My schedule: (depending on how many lessons available)
Sunday: Morning Level up, do all radicals. Midday 10 kanji. Evening do rest of kanji
Monday: Morning 10 vocab. Midday 10 vocab. Evening 10 vocab.
Tuesday: Morning 10 vocab. Midday 10 vocab. Evening 10 vocab.
Wednesday: Morning 10 vocab (if any). Midday rest of vocab (if any). Evening guru radicals and do all kanji
Thursday: Morning 10 vocab. Midday 10 vocab. Evening 10 vocab.
Friday: Morning 10 vocab. Midday 10 vocab. Evening 10 vocab.
Saturday: Morning 10 vocab (if any). Midday vocab (if any). Evening vocab (if any)

Saturday usually only get some if I was too busy earlier in the week to do all i was supposed to do.

And what do you do if your get something wrong?

71 apprentice :slight_smile:
That really doesn’t mean anything since I have 540 lessons that I need to complete.

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I’m not alone :star_struck:

You usually don’t have to worry too much about messing up the first set of kanji you unlock. As long as you guru them within 7 days you’ll be on track. However, this does require you to get the radicals perfect and at least 90% over all (Which you can generally miss 2-3 and still be fine). If you can’t do these two then unfortunately it’ll just take some extra time.