A question about subscription plans

I reached level 2 on WK today and I think I’m already convinced to pay for this amazing course, but my question is: can I pay for one or two months with the monthly payment and then switch to the annual and get other 12 months?
My problem is that I’m really lazy even with things I love so I’m worried about not sticking to it every day and wasting most of the year I paid for, but if I can continue regularly for one or two months I think I can keep going for a year or even more.

You mean can you switch plans?

Yeah, you just have to go back onto the subscription page and change it to yearly before the third billing cycle comes around.
But wait until you’re done with level 3 first.


Do you mean get the other 10 months? No.

When a subscription period ends, any segmented subscription you start up will be for a full one month or one year. (Lifetime obviously works differently, i.e. indefinitely).

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No I mean, 2 months plus a year (12 months)

My only concern was that switching plan would count the previous two months but thank you for clarifying

Sorry, guess I made it more confusing since it doesn’t seem like what you are actually asking for would ever be impossible.

I assumed you wanted it to, but with a discount or something. Like 10 months for less than 12 months price. Or whatever.


Is there any important difference between level 2 and 3?

Levels 1 to 3 are free. No reason to pay for them.

Yeah sorry I wasn’t very clear :sweat_smile:

Wait to subscribe until you’re almost leveling up to lvl 4. You’ve got the first 3 lvls for free.

You can save enough money for an ice-cream or 2.

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I know they are free but I’m a bit impatient, I’m sure I’ll finish level 3 soon

I’ve always tried free courses online but nothing actually convinced me, so I’m excited to have found something worth paying for, they deserve it all

They just lowered the prices, so don’t worry, they are fine with getting a little less money heh.


So I found WK at the right time! :smiley:

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