A promise to myself

It’s me! I’m back after a few months break from wanikani and a few weeks without studying Japanese. Life is a bit meh at the moment, and because of this I’ve been really lazy when it comes to studying (not at all). However, today I’ve had a great day and feel super energetic and happy. I’ve been wanting to get back into studying Japanese, and it could be a nice way back to where I want to be in life. I need to study some grammar and vocab before I jump back into WK, but I thought I’d make a post here as a sort of promise to myself. It’s likely that I won’t feel the same hype tomorrow, but now it has been said: I will get back to studying Japanese!

Sorry for making a post that is completely useless for anyone but myself… I hope it’s allowed.
I look forward to seeing you all around! I miss this place :grin:


Welcome back!
Life is also meh on this side but let’s keep going!


@savee13 Can you promise to tag me in here tomorrow? I wanna see you around again :slight_smile:


@dianarz Yeah, stay strong!! We got this :smile:

@jprspereira I promise to tag you in here tomorrow and give you an update! Thank you. Now there’s no getting away from this for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good luck! Some days you might not be motivated, but on those days look at this topic and see how you felt! Hopefully that will give you the drive you need to continue!


Okay, update time!
I ended up having a pretty productive day, certainly a good first step on my track back to studying Japanese!

First I filled out 10 hiragana charts to make sure I hadn’t forgotten, then I did 1000 hiragana on realkana just to get back into the reading flow. I looked through chapter 3 of genki where I left of, and did some of the exercises before moving on and starting chapter 4. I did most of my anki reviews, but I still have a bit of backlog. I’ll have gotten through them in a few days.

Now my goal is to get back into the flow of doing my daily anki reviews and working with genki. I also need to work hard on my katakana. Depending on how I feel I want to reset and get started with WK in maybe a week or so. I’m thinking about resetting to level one and starting over tomrrow, it shouldn’t be too stressful right now since I should already be pretty good at the first levels. Trying to get back into level 10 is not a good idea anyway…

I feel like I haven’t forgotten too much aside from a bit of vocab, and I think I’ll be full speed ahead in no time. I might update here occasionally just to keep myself on track.

Thank you all for the welcome backs and all the kindness! I really appreciate it. Hope everyone else’s studies are going well!

( @jprspereira )


Well, I would like to advise you to focus more on building a healthy routine around Japanese for now. You don’t wanna give up again. But if you focus on being present every day, I’m 100% sure that you’ll win :slight_smile:



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