A pro tip to get rid of leeches


It works specially well if you get salty when you get reviews wrong.
Knock yourselves out.

jk boys and girls, I love y’all


I dont know what I was expecting


Just be careful not to harm the turtles!

“Salt is an effective way to kill leeches and other pests, such as garden slugs, but only on a small scale. If your favorite swimming spot is plagued with leeches, introducing enough salt to the water to kill them would also be devastating to the rest of the ecosystem.”

Thanks! It worked! Im free now!


jk it did NOT work, i almost killed myself


RIP @baka-cat
??? - 2018

He shall rest inside a tombstone of salt


I guess you should’ve read it with… a grain of salt


Oh trust me I’m super salty about the 100 reviews I have to do in a minute ;_;



I thought you were going to tell us a really cool tip and now I’m sad…



Salt ferment those leeches into leech kimchi or sauerkraut! LEECHKRAUT


In all seriousness, the Leech Trainer Script works wonders.
Here’s a link to it.

Sorry I made you sad!


No worries, I was just joking as well, you didn’t actually make me sad^^


Blasphemer! You better hide, assuming the Crabigator hasn’t already found and violently killed you. :hushed:


At about 200 leeches, I was hopeful for a moment.


Lol, just wait until you’re 15 levels higher. 100 reviews will be a walk in the park.


well, you wouldn’t want the turtles to get sick before you’re able to burn them :stuck_out_tongue: