A (potentially) stupid question regarding reading Harry Potter in Japanese vs WaniKani level

To be fair, those stories were not made for elementary school students, they were just regular short stories selected to be abordable for them. That means that the stories can contain parts that kids would struggle with.
On the contrary, stuff like なぜ?どうして? were made directly for kids, and thus should be an easier read.

By the way, if you read 赤い悪夢 from the 5分後に意外な結末, you can check the thread from the intermediate book club on it :slight_smile: (we read the book 6 or 8 months ago)

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It’s most definitely fine for the intermediate book club (that has no limit). The beginner book club did put a 150 pages limit though. You could just recommend the first 100 pages or so, and propose to keep it going aside from the club after that (like what is happening with yotsuba and aria).
Or you can just ask if anyone would be interested in reading it with you (like the Nya Nya and なぜどうして (and SAO) threads)

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I want to start reading HP and even though I am level 60 I forget things constantly because I never actually use Japanese I just study it :frowning: