A new idea for a Japanese learning "game"

Hi there! I’m shwooby, and I’ve been learning Japanese for about a year now, since February 2022.

Recently, I had a new idea for a sort of “game” that could possibly help learn Japanese, and I’d appreciate any feedback.

The idea is that different fields of vocabulary are split up into different “microgames.” Each microgame teaches a different field of vocabulary through an activity. For example, looking at planets and constellations in space and learning the names of the things you find, or hunting youkai to learn a little about Japanese culture. Vocabulary would pop up in the corner when activated by the microgames, and there would be quizzes for each microgame.

The name of this idea is 世界Box (WorldBox), please let me know if you have any ideas for microgames or any feedback on how to improve learning quality. Thanks for reading! ^^

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I was going to give this a go as soon as a certain work college decides to return my VR helmet:

Is this the sort of thing you had in mind?

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The idea is sound, but the execution is everything. It sounds like a high-effort product, so if you’re gonna try it, make sure to put in the effort. Each of those “microgames” needs to be designed, tested, iterated on, etc. I used to work for a company that specialized in that kind of thing, and the average development time for a team of 5 or so developers to deliver a lesson was around 6 months.


Agreed. That being said I think the OP’s idea is good.

We need more of these projects where the main ‘product’ (for lack of a better word) is very good and interesting by itself and where language learning is a positive side effect for the ‘consumer’ whilst not being an afterthought.

I learnt a few words of German back in the days because the only version of Age Empire I had was in German…

That’s what I’m trying to do with The Tile World Chronicles. I’m writing stories that I try to make as good as possible such that they would be entertaining for a native speaker but designed for language learners.

Projects of this kind take year to make but there were enough of them out there, language learning would be a solved problem so I’d say go on @shwooby, do it !

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(reply to RockestLobster)
Something sort of like that, yes, but with more of a focus on the minigames for testing skills and learning new words. Think Mario Party, but the goal is to learn new vocabulary instead of winning against your opponents.

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