A little survey for book readers

That’s what my Famous Five books were like when I was little! Perhaps that’s why I feel like I wouldn’t get on with normal audiobooks so much :thinking:

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Honestly lost count.

I just got this for my birthday!


I would denfinitly go take a look on audible then.

I had an idea. It’s hard to remember all the book you recommended(Never expected so many people to comments) so how about we just write it in the first post under the book genre? I don’t know how to do that but I think it would be great. Can someone teach me how to do this?

Like people have said you get a credit each month that you can spend when you are ready so if you are listening more slowly you just spend the credits when you are ready.

If you are building up too many credits it’s easy to cancel your membership for a few months while you catch up. Like many subscription services when you cancel you can get offered a good deal to stay a member (I got half price for three months last time) so it can be a good idea to cancel occasionally just to get the deals!

If you do cancel my understanding is you need
to spend your remaining credits before you cancel. And my understanding on the one credit a month membership is that you can only hold 6 credits total, after that the oldest credit expires each month.

Wow! No wonder you get through so many!

iPhone app is nice and you download it easily in the app. It also syncs your position with the cloud which makes it easy if you listen on multiple devices (like Amazon echo).

If you have a Bluetooth connection to the car audio system you can use the audio controls on the steering wheel to go back 30 seconds.


I would like to plug what is currently one of my favourite webnovels: Ascending, Do Not Disturb

It’s a xianxia that isn’t set in a might-makes-right cultivation world, and the main character is one of the purest of cinnamon rolls.

When you told yourself that you are gonna choose the audible original tomorow than tomorow is a new month do you just miss two free book😭

They were not that interesting anyway but you know… free book

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Oh, right, I forgot about that. The UK site doesn’t have the free originals. From what I have heard, though, they’re never any good

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Really? I mean the last month book didn’t interesting that’s true. This month I found two murder mystery so it should be at least decent.

Overlord novel series, the one the manga and anime were adapted from

(English translation, I’m a pleb)


Overlord is such a great show. I’m waiting to be better in Japanese to start it but i’m in the process of buying all the books.

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I have now finished Old Man’s War, as well as The Ghost Brigades and The Last Colony, two of its sequels. Moving on to Zoe’s Tale now.


Hey guys, I was wondering is there any website that allows you to have stats about the book you read like myanimelist? I think I saw something like that but I don’t know if it’s for all books. I really like stats ha ha

A bunch of us are on https://bookmeter.com.


Thanks. I didn’t remembered the website’s name

I recently finished two books which I really enjoyed and thought I’d share here :slightly_smiling_face:

The City & the City, by China Miéville, which is a sort of crime thriller / detective noir -style book with a setting which I thought was both fascinating and very unique (I should add it’s effectively a modern-day slightly alt-earth).

Semiosis, by Sue Burke, which is about an idealistic group of interstellar colonists who abandon earth in search of a new beginning for humanity, and must find a niche for themselves on a planet with a familiar but also vastly different ecosystem.

Neither was without their flaws (if anyone’s read them I’m well up for griping about said flaws), but they were both very interesting overall.


I’ve never been much of a reader, so since I started reading for Japanese practice my book consumption has gone way up!

I still read pretty slowly compared to Swedish or English, but plugging through 2-10 pages a day makes for a lot more books than I’ve ever read before!

As a consequence of this, almost all my book reading is done in Japanese.

Well… not super original (his name pops up all the time…) but I recently gave Haruki Murakami a try and even though I am only halfway through 海辺のカフカ, I really like it and would recommend it so far at least. If only to find out if he’s your thing or not :slight_smile:


Ah, I’m also about 80% through Kotaro Isaka’s マリアビートル, and I recommend that one as well.

It’s part of his 殺し屋 series, and it’s about a bunch of colorful (some downright absurd) characters of varying degrees of goodness (yet part of the underworld in some way), all on the same Shinkansen train.

It’s both pretty humorous and exciting but I’m not sure what I’m going to think of the ending…

Genre-wise it’s probably mystery-ish?