A little frustrated in the beginning

There’s no real rule as to whether WK asks for on’yomi or kun’yomi for kanji, aside from that it’s generally the most common one (not necessarily the one used in most words, but the one you’ll encounter most often), which, yeah, doesn’t really help if you don’t know it in the first place lol. If you’re generally doing reviews on a computer, and one that you can install scripts on, I recommend the WK Custom Review Question (KunOn+) userscript, which will have WK specify whether it wants the on’yomi or kun’yomi.

As to not recognizing vocab outside of WK, being able to get from JP>ENG but not ENG>JP, and knowing the meaning but not the reading or vice versa… that just comes with more exposure. Things need time (repeated exposure) to work their way into your long-term memory and your working vocabulary, so you can produce them with little to no prompting rather than only be able to recognize them when you see/hear them. With some words that just happen to click for you, you may be able to get to that point with just WK, but you will eventually need more resources than just this. KameSame, as others have suggested, is good for reinforcing words you’ve learned on here with both JP>ENG review and ENG>JP production, as well as learning non-WK vocab. Reading, once you feel up to it, will also help.

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