A level 60 celebration and some advice for newcommers

so if you waited to burn an item and you never ever made any mistakes would take you a bit less than 30 years to complete wanikani?

waited to burn each item before you move up a level would take take almost 30 years

Great post and very salient as I am just coming up to level 20 and wondering about slowing down from max speed to fit other things in. I’m halfway through genki I but have just subbed to bunpro and will go through that at 3 points a day to see where it gets me. The vocab in genki is much less intimidating now than even at level 15, so I think waiting until lvl 20 or so to start grammar is actually not a bad way to go.

One other thing, I use smouldering durtles and actually find the anki review mode for meanings is more helpful than typing it in, because when typing I would just memorise the strictly shortest meaning and not the others whereas now I memorise them all.


Congratulations! I’m not even level 40 yet but I came to the same conclusions as you. After level 30 WK is not that important and I slowed down significantly. Started using Bunpro around the same time. I don’t have a lot of energy to do stuff outside my usual reviews daily but when I do, reading beats everything. Because of that I even had to look up Kansaiben, and I recognize it whenever I hear it in the shows I watch. Overall, nice tips.

What was your goal learning Russian btw? As a Russian myself, I think it’s an incredibly hard language and I’m always wondering what incentive do people have to learn it :sweat_smile:


I did the same thing!

I really like Russian literature, mainly.


I appreciate your advice to us. I use Bunpro too.
I want to go at a quicker pace on WK, that undo feature will help me but I don’t get how it all works. Is Flaming Durtles only for the Android app? I use WK on my laptop only, so I can’t use it? If not, then maybe there’s another undo script…
Also I read the KeiSei page and I can’t understand what that even is. You don’t have to explain it to me, I may not need it anyways.
My main concern is that WK shows you the Japanese writing then you recall its pronunciation & meaning (reading skills), but it doesn’t do the vice-versa:
Show the Japanese pronunciation and ask you to recall the meaning (Listening skills).
Or, Show the English meaning and ask you to recall the Japanese pronunciation (speaking skills).
Those are practices I feel I must seek out.

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Yes, there are also apps for iphone, but you can just use userscripts in a browser:

Yeah absolutely. Personally I’m focusing mainly on being able to read Japanese at the moment so I’m fine with the listening skills being left behind for the time being.

I also think that whenever I do decide to practice listening, my existing reading knowledge should let me progress and catch up much faster anyway. Of course if listening and speaking skills are important to you in the short term you will certainly need extra practice.

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If you’re willing to use user scripts, then Wanikani Self Study Quiz will let you do this!


Congratulations! Always awesome to see the level 60 celebrations and lookbacks.

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Have you tried KaniWani or KameSame?

This is a great idea, thank you!

Have you tried KaniWani or KameSame? -Yabashiri

No but thanks for the suggestions, they look useful.

Yep, I’ve seen the error of my ways. I still am fine with my slow and steady approach, but not what I was doing before. Onwards and upwards!

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Also, and i dont think this can be emphasized enough, individual radicals and kanjis are repeated again and again the more levels you do so by going too slowly you are denying your brain the chance to learn a radical and kanji in different contexts which will make it easier for your brain to remember them.


Yep, I’ve been noticing that as well, good points. My errors have been brought before me and I only pray the great crabigator will grant me forgiveness.

Awesome post!!!

I had been starting to slow down on my lessons, but this inspired me due to understanding that Wanikani does offer a great opportunity to immersing in its self…

Question…. How was your review accuracy affecting your motivation?

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I find that my level of stress and exhaustion when doing my reviews is the most significant factor for how poorly I’ll deal with mistakes.

That’s why I try to do most of my “serious” study and reviewing in the mornings and I tend to rush late night reviews because I know that dwelling on my mistakes when I’m tired is just going to be frustrating and counterproductive.

That’s also why it’s important to start reading as early as possible IMO, because by design you will never really improve at SRS. If you have an 80% accuracy at level 10, you’ll probably have an 80% accuracy at level 60. This dullness can be demotivating because you don’t feel like you’re really progressing even though you are. That’s why having external milestones to gauge your progress is useful: “hey I remember that I didn’t understand that before, now I do!”


This. But oh well, best to only have to learn this once.

Anyways, nice write-up overall.


So I have been using the reorder + undo script for two weeks now. I have definitely increased my speed in terms of levelling up, but prioritising radicals and kanji has left me with a big stack of overdue vocab. Are there any scripts to prioritise important/common vocabulary?

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Personally I would still try to stay on top of vocab and finish the previous level before starting the next one (as in, if I’m level 10 I want to do all level 9 vocab lessons before I start with level 11). At least I did this until level 50, after which I just rushed the kanji and ended up with a massive vocab stack.

Getting a small vocab backlog is not too bad though in my experience because I find that WaniKani tends to group vocab a little too much. You often learn one kanji and immediately get a batch of vocabulary containing it and then very little for the rest of the course, so sometimes I completely forgot about the kanji by the time the burn review comes up. By accumulating some vocab and picking the lessons randomly you’ll get those words spread up over a longer period of time.

At any rate at level 6 I certainly wouldn’t recommend lagging far behind on vocabulary, there are too many important words in those levels. You should either do more vocab lessons or slow down your kanji progress until vocab catches up.

Some advanced users do only use WaniKani for kanji and ignore all vocab but that’s usually because they have pre-existing Japanese knowledge and they just care about the kanji, or they use external tools to study vocab separately. If you’re not in this position I do not recommend neglecting the Wanikani vocab, especially for the early levels.


This is something I have already realised, I guess I’ll just have to go with it. But I also want to believe that burned items do stick for long in my memory.

Thanks for the advice again, I will go for that vocabulary first before continuing with the rad/kan.