A Dictionary with Word and Kanji Usage Examples

Hello guys,
I have created a Japanese word/kanji dictionary website.

The word entries list example sentences with clickable words linked to other dictionary entries.
And the kanji entries have example words for their various readings.

日本 word entry

日 kanji entry

There is also this option to insert your own sentences for analysis (link). The website will split them into words for you and you can click on the words to open dictionary entry popups.

I originally developed this as a part of my bachelor thesis project, and currently, I am working on flashcards with SRS. I want to add topic-based vocabulary lists and possibly a grammar course with exercises.

I was wondering about your feedback and opinions. What do you think?


The reader doesn’t seem to be that accurate, and this is a very well-known sentence.

I think you’re trying to do a satori reader kind of thing, which is useful, but I imagine requires manual input in many cases, unless you’re pulling from example sentences elsewhere. Maybe put a warning on the reader.

This does seem like an interesting concept though, and I can see it having potential.


It seems to just select the first option when there are several words with the same reading/kanji.

I did 僕 and it gave me しもべ.

It would need to either show all, or know which one it is based on context, which is a lot harder.

Looks good, though!


Hello, thank you for the feedback. I am aware of the reader not being sufficiently accurate. And I intend to improve it at some point. However, I thought other things could currently be more beneficial for the website (such as the ones I mentioned in the original post: vocabulary lists, flashcards and grammar lesons with exercises).

A warning or showing more options (as @Kazzeon suggests) might not be a bad temporary solution though.


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Thanks for the fedback. It currently does implement a fairly simple algorithm and the first word is selected which is not ideal. At some point I am planning to deal with the context somehow. But showing more options is a good idea. At least till I manage to improve the algorithm.


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