A Dictionary of Japanese Grammar [aDoJG] 💮 Reading Club // Starting the Intermediate version Jan 6th, 2024

Boom! First week’s worth done!


This is such a mood, I have read like 2 main entries total and now I’m so behind :sob:


I sat down to continue expanding the schedule and we’ve run out of our luck. The shift from K thread to M thread would happen midweek with our current schedule, but that made me wonder if reading say 8 entries one week here and there would smooth out the schedule to always shift threads between weeks. Not that it is super important, but I will present you guys with the choice.

Alternative A: Current schedule would look like this, from May 27th when K starts:

  1. 7 Ks
  2. 7 Ks
  3. 7 Ks
  4. 7 Ks
  5. 1 K + 6 Ms
  6. 7 Ms
  7. 2 Ms + 5 Ns
  8. 7 Ns
  9. 7 Ns
  10. 7 Ns
  11. 4 Ns + 3 O-Rs
  12. 7 O-Rs
  13. 4 O-Rs + 3 Ss
  14. 7 Ss
  15. 7 Ss
  16. 7 Ss
  17. 1 S + 6 Ts
  18. 7 Ts
  19. 7 Ts
  20. 6 Ts + 1 U-Z
  21. 7 U-Zs
  22. 7 U-Zs
  23. 7 U-Zs
  24. 1 U-Z (We would almost certainly bump this onto the previous week)

Alternative B: If I kept each week to only one thread it would look something like this (when the extra entry/entries fall would depend on page count of each week):

  1. 7 Ks
  2. 7 Ks
  3. 7 Ks
  4. 8 Ks
  5. 7 Ms
  6. 8 Ms
  7. 7 Ns
  8. 7 Ns
  9. 7 Ns
  10. 8 Ns
  11. 7 O-Rs
  12. 7 O-Rs
  13. 7 Ss
  14. 7 Ss
  15. 7 Ss
  16. 4 Ss (either divide this up over the previous three weeks, or thin out the previous three weeks a bit; the option that makes the page count similar to other weeks will be picked)
  17. 7 Ts
  18. 7 Ts
  19. 6 Ts
  20. 6 Ts
  21. 7 U-Zs
  22. 8 U-Zs
  23. 8 U-Zs
  • A
  • B
  • Either is fine

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I’m also behind. Just finished だい


I find myself oscillating between being behind and finishing ahead of time. My marker for how many entries I can read at once is how stuffed my brain feels after finishing an entry. :joy: Basically I want to go slow enough I never tire myself out while reading entries, but if the entries are very easy ones (for me) then I can typically handle at least 2 and the other day I think I read like 4 entries, but that is likely to be a 1-2 time thing, 2 seems to typically be as much as I can handle and still feel like I took it all in.


And our second letter thread is active (a few hours early even by Japan time; I tend to batch book club duties and I have some that fall on Fridays instead of Saturdays):

The poll in this post (about our schedule going forward) will remain open until Monday (May 8th) morning. Please vote if you are reading with us so I know I’m going with the majority decision! :slight_smile:

Btw, if we go with the option where the weekly amount of entries can change, I will add a column to the schedule that mentions how many entries are read each week.

Off-topic pedantic nit-picking

I love the sound of this, but it’s not what happens in English. We can say either:

“We’ve run out of luck.”
“Our luck has run out.”

No idea why.

Since your English is virtually flawless, I thought you’d want to know.
Please let me know if you want me to shut up.

since the reply is long-ish and off-topic I'm hiding it under here

Wow, thanks! :blush: I guess you don’t catch all the times I mess up is/are (and he reads vs we read, that s might just be missing), or maybe those are common enough among natives that they don’t count for you (either one works for me xD). I almost always reread my posts after hitting reply because I catch those mistakes more easily after I’m done composing. xD

I also move around certain words, although I think that might have more to do with clarity in writing than improper ordering. There are just certain orders that work well in speech because you can place emphasis to make the sentence clear, while using it in writing makes the writing muddled (and/or riddled with commas). (Yes, I think a lot about language/communication. :joy:)

I’m glad you liked the sound of it, that was why I wrote it like that. I didn’t realize it (probably) came from conflating those two sayings into one; this is something my brain is exceptionally good at. Preferably it’ll take half of one saying and half of another, and then just put one right after the other like it makes total sense. And I never notice. :joy:

In conclusion, I don’t mind these kinds of things being pointed out. :+1: Mixing up sayings or incorrectly using idioms are useful things to know. So yeah, if you see anything like this again, please feel free to share. Maybe next time it wasn’t, at least in part, intentional. :smiley:

(Just to be safe: little typos/misspellings or plural verb form used with singular subject (and similar) would not be comments I’d like to see.)

more off-topic rambling about nit-pickery

Me too.
(Very happy to make your acquaintance.)

I love it when native speakers correct my mistakes in other languages, and I tend to assume that other people value this too, especially if their level in the target language is as insanely high as yours is in English.

Of course, this assumption sometimes turns out to be mistaken.

Got it.

Happily I’m unlikely to comment on stuff like that, because I figure you already know those rules, even if you slip up. And I try not to correct other native speakers too much, because doom. :scream:

Honestly I do try! It’s just that sometimes the temptation is just too great

Hidden cause off topic

Hey this is me! :rofl:
I can even do it to words, mix together two words and make a new one completely on automatic so don’t even notice :upside_down_face:
For me it’s caused by my ADHD I believe (possibly the autism as well). Though of course anyone can do it even if neurotypical, it’s just known to trigger it =P


The poll for the possible alteration to the schedule is now closed. The majority wanted the schedule to change slightly, meaning that each week will always stick within one letter thread. This means that some weeks will have 8 entries, and some will have 6 entries, instead of always 7. But I will be adding a column to the schedule that tells the amount of entries for each week, as well as try to remember to mention it when I post the weekly posts. (And of course, I’ll continue to say from X to Y for each week. ^^)

This change won’t have any affect for more than a month; so seven entries per week for a while yet. And I’ll make sure the schedule is fully updated before that changes! :muscle:


BOOM :bangbang:

I’ve probably made the longest schedule ever in WK book club history. :joy:

See OP for it, because I’m not about to make this post more than 10x as long just to copy it in. xD


Thank you for all of your work on organizing this club and keeping it going! It’s been fun! :blush:


Thank you! I’m actually having a lot more fun reading it like this with all of you than I thought was possible. So I’m glad you guys managed to talk me into starting it. :blush:


I noticed when opening the dictionary today, we’re starting to make a real dent in it!


The digital dent is real too :mechanical_arm:


Thank goodness for this book club, I was able to cite this book in an essay I had to write for finals! And I wouldn’t have even owned the book if it wasn’t for this club


You wrote an essay about a Japanese grammar book? :thinking:
Would you like to share more?


@Cathm2 and @Akashelia, you’re right! 20%! Wow, never thought I’d be here.

@meagstudies Cool! Also love your status about Tears of the Kingdom. I feel the same! Reading will happen when my Switch need to charge* if reading will happen at all for the next few days. :joy: (*Yeah, I’m more or less only a handheld player.)


I’m a linguistics student, and I had to write a mock research proposal for my language acquisition class. It was about L1 (first language) children’s acquisition of Japanese counters (numerical classifiers). Specifically comprehension of classifiers, not production. Something interesting I learned is that we as second language learners often learn measure words, quantifiers, and classifiers all as “counters” but really they’re different! Semantically and syntactically.

I’m not sure how good my mock research proposal was overall. Whenever we have to do this kind of thing, my ideas tend to be rather broad and my research questions kind of all over the place :sweat: but it was fun doing research on it.

I needed something that explained phonetic changes with different numbers, and since it’s a language acquisition class one of the requirements was to have a source that’s meant for L2 speakers (even though the paper was about L1 acquisition). I could have found that info somewhere else but it was nice to have this book on hand, especially since it needed to be something considered a credible source, so not some random website. But the paper itself wasn’t about this book, I was just able to use it :slight_smile:

Although I’m kind of surprised about the lack of counter info overall in this book. It’s not even an actual entry, there’s just a small section at the end of the book.

Off topic

See I’m the opposite, I almost exclusively play with my switch docked. But yeah I’m so excited to play it!! I’m such a big Zelda fan (as you might be able to tell from my profile pic :laughing:) so I’ve been counting down the days. Not sure how I’m going to get any reading done this summer lol

But I’m not going to be able to play it until Sunday since I’m so busy today and tomorrow (and also because it might not arrive until then :pensive:)