A Dictionary of Japanese Grammar [aDoJG] 💮 Reading Club // Reading the Intermediate version

Thank you for all of your work on organizing this club and keeping it going! It’s been fun! :blush:


Thank you! I’m actually having a lot more fun reading it like this with all of you than I thought was possible. So I’m glad you guys managed to talk me into starting it. :blush:


I noticed when opening the dictionary today, we’re starting to make a real dent in it!


The digital dent is real too :mechanical_arm:


Thank goodness for this book club, I was able to cite this book in an essay I had to write for finals! And I wouldn’t have even owned the book if it wasn’t for this club


You wrote an essay about a Japanese grammar book? :thinking:
Would you like to share more?


@Cathm2 and @Akashelia, you’re right! 20%! Wow, never thought I’d be here.

@meagstudies Cool! Also love your status about Tears of the Kingdom. I feel the same! Reading will happen when my Switch need to charge* if reading will happen at all for the next few days. :joy: (*Yeah, I’m more or less only a handheld player.)


I’m a linguistics student, and I had to write a mock research proposal for my language acquisition class. It was about L1 (first language) children’s acquisition of Japanese counters (numerical classifiers). Specifically comprehension of classifiers, not production. Something interesting I learned is that we as second language learners often learn measure words, quantifiers, and classifiers all as “counters” but really they’re different! Semantically and syntactically.

I’m not sure how good my mock research proposal was overall. Whenever we have to do this kind of thing, my ideas tend to be rather broad and my research questions kind of all over the place :sweat: but it was fun doing research on it.

I needed something that explained phonetic changes with different numbers, and since it’s a language acquisition class one of the requirements was to have a source that’s meant for L2 speakers (even though the paper was about L1 acquisition). I could have found that info somewhere else but it was nice to have this book on hand, especially since it needed to be something considered a credible source, so not some random website. But the paper itself wasn’t about this book, I was just able to use it :slight_smile:

Although I’m kind of surprised about the lack of counter info overall in this book. It’s not even an actual entry, there’s just a small section at the end of the book.

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See I’m the opposite, I almost exclusively play with my switch docked. But yeah I’m so excited to play it!! I’m such a big Zelda fan (as you might be able to tell from my profile pic :laughing:) so I’ve been counting down the days. Not sure how I’m going to get any reading done this summer lol

But I’m not going to be able to play it until Sunday since I’m so busy today and tomorrow (and also because it might not arrive until then :pensive:)

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I think I’ll end up having to play docked, because I don’t wanna mess with the charging cable and stuff. So it’ll be a new experience I guess. Gotta try it out sometime, xD

Won’t be able to play much tomorrow, so I’ll play as much as I can today.

It is so good so far. Not that I’m far in, but so far so good. :crossed_fingers:


Week 8 starting today. Linking to the official start post in the E-J thread:


I tried to stay a bit a head to not fall behind when the game released =P
I… need to read again soon to not fall behind… :wink:
I LOVE the game! Sadly been so busy I have barely made a dent yet, but that is over now so I will spend most of the time playing this weekend :grin:
There is so much to do! I’m dodging the main story and stab around blindly in the underground. just going from light to light (and then go up to grab the shrine over it)
Something about the deep darkness makes it more interesting to explore than the top world and sky,

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And this week we’re finishing off E-J with 行く1 to 自分2:

Next week we start K. Yep, just K for 4 weeks. :joy:


And K is here!

We’re reading 7 entries this week.


And second week of K, aka week 11. Seven entries this week too:


Hey look, my kind of book club.

Hello all, happy to be joining in! :wave:


Week 12 is here, 7 entries this week:


I’m pretty sure I’m never gonna catch up :smiley: But I do read some entries from time to time at least lol.


I’ve basically given up as well. I put the dictionary back on my book shelf. :sweat_smile:

Honestly if I’m going to read grammar stuff I should do more advanced stuff anyway… (but will I? :see_no_evil:)


Well I haven’t given up, I’m just slow.


I gave up :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: I think I only read one entry :see_no_evil:
Not even a random challenge can make me open a grammar book, it seems :upside_down_face: