A Dictionary of Japanese Grammar [aDoJG] 💮 Reading Club // Reading the Basic version

I’ve voted for a slower start for selfish reasons, since I’m on holiday until 10th April and won’t have the book with me. But I always figure a slower start is good to avoid too many people dropping out early.


If someone spoils か for me before I get to it, I’ll be really angry


With all polls closed, I can put together a schedule:

Week Start Date Reading Page Numbers Page Count
Week 1 Mar 25th Grammatical Terms 1 - 15 16
Week 2 Apr 1st Characteristics of Japanese Grammar - Part 1 16 - 35 20
Week 3 Apr 8th Characteristics of Japanese Grammar - Part 2 36 - 60 25
Week 4-32 Apr 15th Main Entries, 7 per week n/a ca 14-21 / week
Week 33 Nov 4th Appendix 8: Improving Reading Skill by Identifying an ‘Extended Sentential Unit’ 612 - 618 7

I’ve counted main entries as 29 weeks because my count of entries being 204 and the preface saying ca 200 entries and then 7 per week gives 28,5 to 29,1 weeks. So unless I’ve counted weeks/dates wrong we’ll finish mid-November.

Of course, we can check after a month or two of main entries and see if we want to speed up or not. But for now, this is the schedule we have and we start on Saturday!

EDIT: I decided on doing the roughly 50 (57 actually) pages per thread for main entries, so 9 threads with varying amount of letters. Some nostalgia for us folks old enough to remember old paper encyclopedias.



This entry feels like something out of the Ouran High School Host Club table of contents :wink:



Too true. I’m in fact over in that club about to put together the schedule now. :joy:


Ah yes, in a mere 2 years we will be able to read all three books just about


The three books have been sitting on my bookshelf for at least 15 years now and were very rarely actually used, so the idea of reading them at all already feels like an adventure. But hey, in about just 2 years? Wow!! :blush:


I just placed an order for the dictionary because many of you said it’s a useful resource in general. Whether I’ll actually participate in the club, I haven’t decided :sweat_smile:


This schedule has real “draw the rest of the damn owl” energy.

edit: To be clear, I don’t mean it’s lazy, I mean that it feels like “Learning Japanese Grammar in 5 Easy Steps” with step 4 being “learn all the grammar” :laughing:


And the first week is here:

FYI: I tend to post the weekly threads on Fridays, even though the week starts on Saturdays. Sometimes I’ll forget or be busy and it’ll come up sometime Saturday. ^^


It’s saturday somewhere, probably
~Yoda, Star Trek


Like here, for example (GMT+7). Also, Japan Standard Time is GMT+9.


I (think) that I understand -na adjectives, but I have not encountered this way of presenting them before.

In my text, the adjective is shizuka, the prenominal form is shizukana, and it combines with the copula, as shizukada, shizukadeshou and so on…

The dictionary, on the other hand appears to treat shizukada as the fundamental form.

What entailments does this have? Is this a more common way to understand -na adjectives?

— Dave


As far as I’ve seen, dictionaries exclude the だ for な-adjective entries. For example, 静か. That said, I think that’s just a convention.

According to this Japanese grammar site (using 静か as an example), 静か is the 語幹 (stem), which supports why that form would be used in dictionaries. In modern Japanese there are 6 forms, 5 of which are relevant for な-adjectives. Using your examples from before, 静かな is the 連体形 and 静かだ is the 終止形.


I understand all of this, but I am observing that the dictionary is taking a non-standard approach to the presentation. It may be relevant later on.

– Dave


My reaction to this idea.



First part of Characteristics of Japanese Grammar is here.


I have something groundbreaking to bring to the group today!

I was browsing the Tofugu learning resources database and I came across an incredible discovery! Two brothers created a Discord server/bot which serves as a “public quiz arcade”. There are quizzes for all the grammar points found in the Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar and more! There are also Anki flashcards that the creator has made so you can just practice the pages you have read.

I hopped into the discord and gave the bot a try… it destroyed me, but I will have my revenge! Had a chat with one of the creators and apparently they got the bot back up in running just this week which is incredible timing! Link to the article(which includes discord server link) and flashcards below!


I thought this thread somehow lost momentum and never started… just realized that there are individual threads for each of the first couple of weeks

I didn’t read it thoroughly, my bad


And here is the second half of grammar characteristics:

And then next week, we start with main entries!

So what I’ll do then is: I will expand the schedule with all the info for the A-D thread (or possibly the first 2-3 letter threads), so the schedule will slowly but surely fill up with all the relevant info.

In the A-D thread, I’ll also include a poll that can be clicked to mark when you’ve read the entries grouped by week. (Thanks for the suggestion, @NicoleIsEnough.) That way if you skip a week, you’ll easily be able to go back and see which one. And you’ll also get to slowly see yourself check all the options to get a bit more feeling of completion/accomplishment. Everything we can do to make this endeavor less boring, eh? :joy: