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I’m actually wondering whether we‘d want weekly threads at all, or whether it’s sufficient to have a more coarse-grained thread schedule.
It’s very easy (at least for the main entries) to make it clear what a certain post is talking about: just list the name of the entry.
But given the high number of interested people, it might make sense to start with weekly threads until we get a feeling for how much discussion will actually happen, or how rapidly the reader base will shrink (which happens with almost every book club, so that’s pretty normal).


True, another option could be to make one thread per letter… although I just counted them and it turns out 19 letters of the abc alphabet are used so I guess that doesn’t make it a lot fewer. xD


One thread per entry.


Congratulations! You just won the lottery of who gets to be organizer!!! :confetti_ball:

That depends on what manga you're reading.

(Reads flipped, so left to right:)

(No, I don’t really have a Patreon.)


Or what novel :joy_cat:
There is a novel called 舟を編む that is about writing a dictionary…


Agreed that we probably don’t necessarily need to go the traditional way here. How about a thread per letter? A, B, C…? Not the easiest for scheduling but the easiest for look ups when the club is over and asking questions.

Also speaking of not being traditional, I think we also don’t need the spoiler tag? :grimacing:


I want to be surprised by the grammar. >:c

Kidding, but the spoiler tag use I could see would be if anybody posts examples of grammar from other things they are reading, it would be polite to include spoiler tags for that in case somebody else is reading that series also/plans to read it.


Ah yes, hadn’t thought about that, makes sense :smiley:


How about several letters per thread? A-C, D-F, etc, depending on how many entries there are per letter. A bit like old encyclopedia tomes (anyone remember those?)

In the onomatopoeia thread we use examples from our reading or listening for every word posted. I’ve run into sentences in my reading that were too much of a spoiler, and those I chose not to post, but otherwise, a random sentence with no source, context or names couldn’t be regarded as a spoiler, surely?


I mean, if no source or anything is listed, I agree. A spoiler tag would be unnecessary. I just meant that if somebody posts an example sentence with any of those things, a spoiler tag would just be courteous. :grin:


Agreed, but again, only if plot is actually revealed. Most sentences on their own don’t reveal all that much. :slight_smile:
(and posting spoilers as grammar examples wouldn’t help much if people would want to avoid seeing them in the first place)


A good use case for spoiler tags (for me) would be if people include their translations with their example sentences. I’d be happy if they could then spoiler the translation so that I can first form my own idea of the sentence (just like in the onomatopoeia thread).


Ah! I see wonderful idea! Except for a couple of letters, most of them aren’t that long, so lumping them together would work wonderfully. I’ll look over some options for this. Possibly pick a number to divide them into, depending on page count and then mix and match letters in a way that should generally even out the number of pages/entries covered by each thread.

Also, I see a rewriting of the posting advice/discussion part of the OP in my future. xD




511 pages of main entries. Looking at that my first thought was 10 threads of ca 50 pages. Let’s see how that works out…

Pages per letter, bolded the largest letters

A - 18 pages
B - 9 p
D - 26 p
E - 2 p (only one entry, can you figure out which one? Hint: particle)
G - 13 p
H - 17 p
I - 11 p
J - 5 p
K - 60 p
M - 42 p
N - 77 p
O - 21 p
R - 17 p
S - 59 p
T - 71 p
U - 4 p
W - 19 p
Y - 37 p
Z - 2 p

A-D, E-J, K, M, N, O-R, S, T, U-Z would be the closest to 50 pages per section as you can get without cutting letters in half, and I’m not about to that. It gives 9 threads.

My take away is that there won’t be a nice way to split, so either something like the above is used. Or just something like 3 letters per thread, making 5 threads with 3 letters and one with 4. Or do 9 threads with 2 letters for all but one that has 3. Either of these two options would make the organization look nice and pretty and consistent, but some threads might cover a LOT more entries than others.

I’m not gonna poll this, because it isn’t that important, but if you have a preference let me know, otherwise I’ll just pick one when get closer to the start date.

@Akashelia You weren’t that far off about N/ni. :joy:


Didn’t see the K coming though! けど、から?
Haha so excited about this book, already looking forward to the main plot :joy:
Thanks for the work!


If those are the only grammar terms starting with K that you can think of, then you’re in the right place. :stuck_out_tongue:


This post helped me start reading the entry on ga ガ today.


There we go. I rewrote the spoiler part of the discussion heading in the OP a bit to clarify when a spoiler should be used. Hopefully, I didn’t introduce any errors. xD

I will close the schedule poll Tuesday evening (21/3) central European time. So make sure to vote before then!