(A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar) Should I read this particular section before proceeding?

I have been learning Japanese for about 2-3 months now. 6 chapters in Genki I and level 7 in WaniKani. I have been supplementing the grammar points I learnt in Genki with ‘A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar’.

They have this section called ‘Characteristics of Japanese Grammar’ (pages 1-60). At first glance, it seems like a helpful read with sub-sections such as ‘Word Order’ and ‘Topic’. Flipping the pages further leads me to intimidating sub-sections such as ‘Passive’ or ‘Sound Symbolism’, etc. While at first I thought I should give it a shot, I am now wondering if these 60 pages is worth my time reading (and perhaps struggling if I may add). At the moment, I do just fine reading up a grammar point that I may need clarifications about in the dictionary main entries.

Can somebody share what they know about this section, and whether you would recommend me to read it before proceeding with grammar in Genki? Or perhaps what is mentioned in the section is also covered in Genki?

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I’m gonna go over it right now. And if I have any useful thoughts I’ll report them. But from looking at it I’d say it looks at least helpful to gloss over, but not a necessity.

Update: Yea, I’d say read it and just don’t worry about anything you don’t understand. Especially things like the passive, not yet explained in Genki at your point.


Thank you very much!

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