A diary from level 1 to level 60

Oh boy, I’m at level 26 now! Finally I’ve come back to where I reset and level up (back then I was at level 25 when I decided to reset. Now I’m at level 26). That reset time took me 2 months or so to properly come back. Well now I just keep going. Wish that I can achieve my goal to be at level 50 at the end of 2018.



A momentous occasion - congrats!:tada::confetti_ball:


Congrats! I believe in you!



Thansk for the kind words guy. I just level up to 27. What should I say hmhm? gambare gambare ne!!!

ps: I started to think many wani mnemonic stories is bad :< anyway IDC and just make my own version lol I just think why don’t we open up a new topic and make our suggestions for better mnemonics for wani so tofugu can improve wani better.

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Final review session for today. oh, I notice there is another level up topic in this forum that’s still running (of course mine is still the oldest hahahaha) Let’s take a look at this cool guy’s topic https://community.wanikani.com/t/hi-new-here-kind-of/26609

Hope that we both can reach level 60 safe and sound.

I haven’t updated much recently because… well doing wanikani feels like a burden a habit so I just tried my best to complete all my reviews and lessons in time or asap. For example, I tried to separate the kanjis into 3 days or at least try to complete all kanji in 3 days so it will take less time for me to level up. However, I promise myself (or set a rule) that I have to learn all new words in 3 or 5 days too. Before I was just ignoring lots of vocabs and just focus on Kanjis to level up, which cause the sad inevitable reset at level 25 that some of you may know. but all is the past now (but for some of you who are or future users using srs reorder happen to read this post, just never ever ignore vocabs)

Oh, I achieved 4000th guru items and will soon celebrete my 2000 burned items (currently it’s 1831). Look’s great. See ya.


reACHING :3rd_place_medal::zero::zero::zero: enlightened ! Wish you guy a good day.

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gonna reach level 28 in 1 hour. Well it’s been a damn ride. I’ve used wani for more than :one: year now! Looking back this is a good investment (though sometimes some of wani mnemonics make me question my English level , but overall I would recommend it to sb who doesn’t have much motivation to learn kanji or like the “spoon-feed” style, which means just learn what wani brings to you and just solve all the reviews. No need to think much. Easy peasy.)

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edit: 2.5 days after reaching level 28 I started to fall in the trap of playing too much games and not wanting to do wani anymore. This happened the same as in the past when I had to reset back 5 levels to cover my laziness. How should I combat my laziness argg omg ! :persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:

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Use the gaming as a reward.

I just went on a 7 day cruise and I brought my Japanese with me. It was a highlight, since I was also away from my computer and all my games.
I’d say…
1: Remember the part of you that was passionate and inspired and why you began learning at WaniKani.
2: Visit some other forum posts and connect with some people on why they like Japanese culture and language… maybe instead of video games some nights, you can reward yourself with a bit of anime?
3: Maybe create a future goal like learning another language after Japanese, so you know that you’re never done and you could always be motivating yourself to do more. No one is perfect… but think of what you could be! Potential is a profoundly human concept… you’re a human, so use your “potential” well.

The more you tell yourself that you’re lazy, the more the world will shift around you to make it true.

頑張ってね !
でも無理しないでね!(But don’t overwork yourself !)

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7.1 days at lv 28 without much process. feel like I’m not a determined person :frowning: reviews’re piling up day to day and without learning any Japanese. feelsbad but that’s only what Im saying. Playing game feels so great and procrastination starts to swallow my mind. bad habit starts, again.

edit 1: I start to think about my end goal. Why would I want to study jaapense?
edit 2: I start to think about the goal I’ve set for my year 2018. to be at lv 50. fuck that I will make it!! just keep going…


The meaning of life is to give life meaning.

This statement doesn’t include money, power, happiness, success, anything at all… unless you GIVE life that purpose for yourself.

If you’re short on happiness, understand this: Happiness is Not taking oneself so seriously. A *lack of a personal realm of chaos. Your environment can be providing your chaos… for instance, the large majority of my life was spent escaping to video games from the stress of a backwards society.

In any case.
If you can forge in stone a Goal from learning Japanese, even a fantasy of what you’re going to use Japanese for, that might be just enough!

My fantasy? Real conversations with people all around the world to inspire and engage in philosophical wisdom!
You can probably tell that much from the type of thing I talk about… :smiley:



crazy 29 now. I use script so the lessons pile up a lot. Hope that I can solve these lessons before move on learning.

update: I managed to solve all reviews


update2: What has big horns but a small sun?.. what’s wrong with this mnemonic…?

Everyday was like a fighting between myself and doing reviews. fuck reviews piled up everyday and I just had to battle myself between playing and doing reviews and doing other thing. i know i’m bad but this is just my moaning arg. this is a fucking arduous stage in learning. don’t tell me to stop cause i will not, but lamenting like an asshole is a must. fuckfucfuckcckckck

oh I just decide to get rid of this fucking dumb avatar and replace it with a new one. Happy learning!

*blur for inappropriate word. NC-17 rated.

edit: ah, I did reach the 2000th burned.


If you don’t mind me asking, what is the userscript you are using, which displays your current duration at that level under your levels?

sure. here it is my friendo


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phone ringing…

“the battle to level 30 is so hard. I’m trying my best to find a way into the enemy’s front line.”

copy that. aanhlle out.


update day 13 at level 29. the battle has come to the hardest time. I’ve been lazy throughout the week but at least I manage to solve all reviews. I will try to learn some vocabs and keep the reviews at 0 tomorrow, too.


edit: changed my avatar to prepare for the greatness to come. Whoo yaa.




I crawled to lv 30, finally whoos.

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That looks painful. Congratulations!
Did you ever think you’d read those two sentences next to each other?
Only in WaniKani, yessiree.


ty buttdy. Ya once in my craziest dream haha

edit: sorry @gojarappe I mean “buddy” :frowning: