A dangerous trend

It just keeps going up a little at a time! scary!

20 lessons a day. I think I won’t change.

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Timing is the most important thing if you want to do the same time per level. You can use the Omega Recorded script to do the level up items first which helps a lot.

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If we assume linear growth, level 60 will take you 23 days and 11 hours, and altogether the remaining journey will take approximately 446 days and 20 hours (minus the 1 you already have)

Of course this assumes that you completed level 1 in -108 days and -14 hours, so don’t worry, for now you’re in the positives (probably)


So then I should still be able to finish in a year right?

I’m about 365 days in. It’s actually a joy right now. I can actually read manga!


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