A corner of hate to some kanji (just for me)


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Climbing Mountain? Drink all you can? All I can assume is that you’re not a native English speaker.


Yes , so I have struglle not with understanding meaning of kanji , but exactly with english grammar in my answers. Here is a hint for me or maybe others who not native in english (mostly for me) xD

You should add these as synonyms.


I would say if you get exposed to it enough you can understand the idea of the kanji and that ok imo.
As for enternity and enternal. I still get these wrong. I am not native english speaker either

No offense to you. I hate when i see this usually because it is feel like looking down on someone. I know it is not your intention but this how it feels to me


Pretty much :slightly_smiling_face::laughing:

Well then the important thing is that “climbing mountain” would mean a mountain that is climbing “something” as opposed to climbing a mountain.

For the radical, I think eternal is fine to just add it as a synonym…

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I tried “study” because this one appears in this word. xD

For word (purple) article is ok

Man , i dont want to rember something wrong ot incorrect it is my topic and you free not to answer on it. Why you so offensive , is my topic popping out on your full screen or what ? lul


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