A conversation with oneself

Recently I’ve started putting random questions on flashcards and using that to simulate conversation. The idea is to practice speaking in a situation where I have to recall the vocabulary and grammar that I need, instead of reading or repeating set sentences.

Does anyone else do this?

I started wondering if there was already some resource that existed which would just bring up random questions one by one. The trouble with drafting my own is I’m leading myself towards asking questions that I know I can answer, or working out a way to answer as I draft them, so it doesn’t have the same element of thinking on my feet when the question pops up.


Do they have to be in Japanese? Because you could just google “list of random questions” and answer whatever google provides.

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I haven’t done this, but in addition to searching for “random questions” or “conversation starters” or “日本語会話練習” or similar, if you have a grammar book handy you could also flip to a random exercise section and try making some of the sentences. There are usually a lot of “describe what’s going on in this picture” type of exercises which I could see being good for this.

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